Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

    This young Marine has just been gut shot by a Taliban insurgent and wouldn't allow himself to be carried to the MEDEVAC bird. God bless him. He gave me hope. Thank you Devil Dog- you motivate me.

  • Motorhead Brave New World

  • My eldest was bruised and sore the other day from stage diving, mosh pitting and crowd surfing at a concert the night before.

  • The Blogfather was right- it's sucky we had enough of a break from 100+ days to be denied the record, but continue to suffer from 100+ degree days.

  • OK- so I paraphrased.

  • Another thought- one fairly decent rain and everyone got excited and thought, the good times are here again! That rain was almost meaningless- in the big picture.

  • A Comedy Of Errors will be playing in Weatherford early 2012 (date not set). Man, I can't wait. Could Shakespeare have guessed his plays would still be going so strong hundreds of years after his death? I still read him often and assume I will until the day I die. My favorite is A Midsummer Nights Dream. Pretty lite fare maybe, but I love it and always have.

  • Too. Hot. To. Swim.

  • Ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

did you finish your "empathy" posts and I missed it? You didn't die did you? :)

el chupacabra said...

Much to the chagrin of some- no I'm still kicking! Thanks for asking. I'm mulling the next installments.

Anonymous said...

It's not that I don't respect you and what you did and what you do now, but please quit focusing on can't make it any better, you'll always feel guilty and special at the same time.....I know........I am a caretaker for my father (89), a WWII bomber pilot and Korean Mosquito (look those guys up). My Dad can't give it (War) up either and to this day, it still drives him crazy. All I can say, sadly, is that I personally think there is no honor in war - it's a shameful thing that needs to stop.

The Donald said...

Where do they perform the Shakespeare @ W'ford?

I saw AMND at the Trinity River Playhouse on W. 7th, from a blanket on the levee, the summer I was dating my [not yet, and now not anymore] wife.

Would like to sometime see a production of Henry IV, Pt 1. As a high school freshman, we had to memorize Hotspur's soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 3, in which he backpedals a bit in explaining to the King some intemperate remarks made on the battlefield. It's a useful metaphor in real life, and even in the Bard's own version, I can nearly recite it verbatim after 35 years.

For a pop culture treatment of a Shakespeare work, it's impossible to top Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis' Taming of the Shrew episode of Moonlighting, circa 1986. Pure genius.

Hmmm. Methinks mine own blog doth have some connection to the Bard...