Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Missives

  • When anything out of the ordinary happens or I answer my phone I automatically check the time.

  • I hardly ever have headaches.

  • My daughter has the craziest, most gorgeous shade of red hair you've ever seen. She loves me like no other and is a total daddy's girl.

  • Several days ago my neighbor sat for a long while with her forehead in her palm while parked in her car. I wasn't sure- finishing up a favorite song on the radio before going in the house? Was she sad? Bad day and have a headache? Was she hurting emotionally? I made it a point to engage her and now she stops by when she sees me, even sticking her around the corner in the morning to say hi when she sees my door open. That is a good feeling.

  • Saving the world one person at a time- that's my motto.

  • Pete Doherty covers Neil Young's The Needle And The Damage Done.

  • My eldest is now a roadie for a local rock band and has gone on stage with the singer of the band he helps and another band during their set and rocked out singing Sweet Child Of Mine.

  • Hey dude- stop living my dreams!


RPM said...
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RPM said...

Anytime someone talks about roadies, I always think of this episode of Wayne's World.


The Donald said...

RPM beat me to it!