Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Digressions

    My idea of a Hey Now. Dana Delaney.

  • The Nixons- Sister.

  • I think we all know we weren't made to be alone. Something that has interested me on this subject though is how especially true this is for males. As a hospice nurse I can assure you it's nothing for even the elderly female to outlive her husband by ten or twenty years- you rarely see a male do the same. The male by all accounts can be doing well until his wife expires and then he will die six months or a year after his wife. This is one of those non scientific observations I can say all hospice nurses have noted and I've never heard one argue the fact.

  • Hospice nearly always comes out hopsice the first time.

  • If living in an apartment I would definitely pay that extra fifteen bucks a month or whatever it costs to have covered parking.

  • In the right place and from the right distance a garbage truck dropping a dumpster sounds like a VBIED going off at a distance. I was never hit by one, but heard and saw a lot- why I take note of the similarity in sound I suppose.


The Donald said...

Dana Delaney - check.

Diane Lane, too!

Form/from, hopsice/hop-sing/hospice?

Hey, I'm no Doc, but it sounds like your fingers are dysexlic.


Jarhead said...

Don, I was just going to add Diane Lane.

She's revved my engine since she played Cherry Valance in The Outsiders.