Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Digressions

    I generally steer clear of mugshots, except for some interesting vintage ones. I leave them alone if no other reason than- I really don't agree with kicking people while they're down, but this one simply mystified me. I mean- male or female? Where is the persons shirt? I automatically hear vintage sci fi music and see their head throbbing when I look at this pic and imagine visible brain waves trying to mindcontrol me being emitted from that noggin.

  • Ninja cobra owls will bite your face off.

  • One of the selling points behind TASER use in the past had been the fact it could be used to control the biggest and the baddest without having to kill them. Over 400 people have died proximal to TASER use in this country alone. Interestingly, to me is when spokespeople indicate the only alternative at discharge of the TASER was deadly force. There have been multiple thousands of people tased by law enforcement. This means there would have been multiple thousands of people shot to death by LE? We're cool with that?

  • Not enough of us in this country realise, that could have been me.

  • Michelle Bachmann does nothing for me- in any way. I don't think she's interesting politically or physically attractive. She makes me think of someone who is way to used to hiding how she really feels. And thinking her small family business has prepped her for POTUS? Ridiculous.

  • Don asked on a post I did if Calvin Coolidge was doing my ghost writing. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

  • A long time acquaintance is acting interested in me even though she has a boyfriend who I know loves her and is crazy about her. Even though I don't know the dude all that well if for no other reason- I'm staying clear of her.

  • I am an oak.

  • I am tired of being gently corrected by people when I correctly pronounce a word.

  • Earlier, I bumped into the spouse of one of my soldiers from downrange. When she found out I was doing hospice nursing she said,"You've always been one of the most compassionate people I've ever known though. Don't give me too much credit." was my practiced response. "You need to give yourself more credit." was her response. " To this day when _______ (her husband, who was often my gunner) is reminded of you he talks about the difference you made in his life and the unit."

  • People need to get out more often I'm afraid.

  • Foo Fighters are learning to Walk again.


The Donald said...

At the time of the Coolidge comment, there was a headline and no content for that post.

The content showed up later.

el chupacabra said...

Don- Weird. OK I was puzzling over all kinds of possible deep meanings...

Kathleen... said...

You are a Good Egg, Chup'y. =)