Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

    Just some of treasures awaiting you at the Wise County Historical Society Museum in Decatur Texas

  • I hate the thought, but I'm going to have to increase my food intake if I want to keep making gains- I'm staying ravenous in spite of increasing my intake by half again as much and taking supplements morning, bed time and after workouts. It's a kinda good sign though- my body is using everything I put into it. Another month and several of my shirts won't fit. Thought about some before and after pictures, but that seems a little gay. 
  • Maybe I'll post an after pic here.
  • Update: the above is from an old draft- I tore my rotator cuff and haven't worked out in months.
  • My last hospice case was so intense that although I got home 4 hours early since he expired on my shift, I felt wasted- like I'd done a double.
  • Update: this is a reaaaal old draft. I haven't done hospice for 2 years.
  • After a wreck on my way back to Texas when I was in college I went to a friends house to stay the night although he wasn't there. I was whacked on Benadryl since I had a reaction to a contrast medium they used on me in the hospital. While I was dozing off his father who was on the couch with me tried to grope me. I left and ran my car off the road 30 minutes later then, somehow found a rest area and slept for 10 hours.
  • Being molested takes it out of you I suppose.


Opus #6 said...

Indeed it does, I hear.

The Donald said...

Yikes! Yeah, I suppose that would get your attention.