Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Missives

Fury set for release in 2014 is eagerly anticipated by Kevins everywhere.

  • Recently while reading one of those, Stars We Lost In 2013 things I noticed a woman named Gia Allemand had died of, "an apparent suicide attempt".  That seems odd- if there is doubt it was a suicide just say apparent suicide. She is dead and it looks like she killed herself so it wasn't an attempt.
  • Her name reminded me of Square Dance lessons I took as a boy at the pavilion in Bridgeport with my parents as Allemande is a Square Dancing move.  Everybody assumes when I mention those lessons I must have hated it. Nothing could be further from the truth- I actually loved it. There were girls, music, food- what wasn't to love? Well, except for the peach colored leisure suit I had to squeeze into every time...
  • An associated thought, There was a girl there I was always talking to and dancing with. The old folks would always look at us and grin. Anyway, 15 or 20 years later in the misspent days of my young adulthood I met a guy who was directing me to a concert or car show maybe? When I realized where he meant I said, Oh, I know where you mean, the pavilion- I took square dance lessons there as a kid. and realizing he was from Chico I said, You know there was a girl from Chico always there named _____________  ______________  you know her? By coincidence he went to school with her and told me to the effect that she talked about me all the time back then and to prove it recounted a couple of things he could have only heard from her. What a small world it is and it still surprises me the impressions we make on each other without trying or even being aware of it.
    Google Street View pic somewhere in Mexico
  • I heard Rush Limbaugh the other day mocking Michelle Obama for encouraging Americans to increase our water intake to promote good health. My first thoughts: She is absolutely right. There are few things we could do to improve our health and well being than to drink more water and less soda. If I were searching for a political home and listened to him with an open mind my first thought would be, That is all they got?! Making fun of the First Lady for doing her part to help in a very simple, productive way? He would have been much better served to give her that one and move on- he would have looked more rational and reasonable and less hateful.
    President Obama's people figured out early on to take advantage of the more lame controversies by owning them, having a sense of humor about them and using them to  their own advantage. Here is a  Photoshopped pic of him released by his staff to deflect controversy after after he lied about shoot skeet at Camp David, all the time. 
  • America had better decide what is going to do with white supremacist/separatists who are buying up the Northern Midwest and building communities. This is especially true once the trend takes on a life of its own and those areas grow exponentially when they look more attractive to the average person- not just the haters. This will be true as the crime rates in those areas will be nearly nil and their economies will boom. I am not saying the separatists are right- I am saying they will have the means to move there in the first place so they will have a vested interest in keeping what they have and inevitably, will have a more socially/politically conservative bent which is of course sustainable for the long term. Those places will start to look attractive for any productive white person.


Katy Anders said...

I've thought the same thing about some of the attacks on Michelle Obama for her health initiative stuff.

As someone who is NOT a fan of the President, I think he benefits when his opponents shoot at everything that moves, no matter how minor.

I think President Bush and president Clinton benefited from indiscriminate, silly attacks too (Dan Rather, anybody?).

But when I say that to anyone, I am told that I've "drunk the Kool-Aid."

The Donald said...

As someone who can be described as conservative/libertarian - as in, let people do their thing if it doesn't hurt anybody, even if it includes some stupid stuff that I disagree with, as long as I don't have to pay for them to do it - I've thought for years (at least a decade-and-a-half) that Limbaugh is liberalism's best salesman/conservatism's worst salesman.

Even when he's right, he's so damn abrasive and cantankerous that he would turn away any undecideds from becoming conservative followers.

The Donald said...
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