Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday's Situation

  • I woke up this morning reasonably refreshed and not hurting too bad. I cannot recall the last time that happened- no kids, no FG waking me up, no responsibilities. It is nice.
  • We watched Oblivion last night. Verdict: Not awful. It had it's moments but was pretty predictable. Within 15 minutes I correctly laid out how the story would develop and predicted the end basically frame by frame.
  • Something has changed with Tom Cruise. He had a make out scene with a woman and didn't look totally gay. I know nothing about the guy but he has: left that religion, received some counseling, did some soul searching- something to figure out who he is.
    Sultry cat is sultry.

    Zac's chin- after and before pics. PSA: Don't run around the pool kids! Your parents really aren't only interested in hearing their teeth bump together when they say that over and over to you.

    Wassup? I mean uh, Mooooo.
  • OMG- an attic turbine has gone out on my place and it is screaming like a banshee. Those things are supposed to last 25+ years.
  • My desk is getting cleared off to set up my desk top aquarium. I just have to figure out a storage system for forms I had kept in an overburdened tray. It is going to be cool. The aquarium and my white noise machine- I will be good to go- calm and cool as cucumber if you will.
  • We are being crushed at work- people have quit, new nurses have come on so they aren't ready to stand up and we're as busy as ever. It will be a miracle if I don't develop an ulcer and don't be surprised if I have a heart attack.
  • Zac's mom called me referencing Zac's chin. She  reported she was on her way with him to Cooks. The conversation went something like this Do you think he needs stitches? Yes, it sounds like it. I replied or if you want you can bring him by here I can put him back together with butterflies if the laceration is below his chin as I understand and not on his face but it sounds like stitches would be better. Why Cooks? Why not Urgent Care? That is what they are for. I said. Well, I thought about that but it is so small and closed up in there and he will be right around everybody and I don't want him to be scared and have a bad experience. Also, they're business oriented and maybe that would be too impersonal she replied. If you take him to Cooks kids will be there that are literally dying and nobody will be speaking English. Kids will be screaming and crying. It will stink. You'll be waiting for 4 hours so half dead kids can be seen first that their stupid parents should have taken to a doctor during business hours hours or days ago. The doc who stitches him up will have just watched a kid die after it coded in the parking lot. Because the Urgent Care clinic is business oriented they have an interest in making you happy and treating you well. If you call ahead they'll hold a spot for you. Dr. _____________ was an ER doc before and the other doc is a pediatrician. It is quiet, clean and nice and there is a play area. Miranda is the MA there and she is a sweety. The front desk people are OK. You might be there 30 minutes and I mean maybe. Oh, I didn't think about it that way. I'll give them a call  and let you know she replied.
  • Women are from Mars and men are from Venus I suppose but more than anything that engagement proves to me an old adage, The more you over think an otherwise simple problem, the more likely you are to reach the wrong conclusion.
  • It isn't that old of adage- I made it up but feel free to use it.

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RPM said...

Those things are supposed to last 25+ years.

Do you have your original receipt and warranty paperwork? No? That's what they thought. Good news is those things are cheap and easy to replace.(I just did one) Plus, now you can scan and file the new receipt. Just have to store it online or somewhere that will still be around in 10 years and remember where that is.