Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday's Missives

One of the so called Boston Bombers. Funny. It made me laugh. An odd thing though- some of the wounds were distressing enough to censor? There is a dead, shot up, bruised, blown up, rigor mortised corpse representing a total waste of a life and a couple of holes or lacerations are the most troubling aspect of the pic?

  • "We thought a person had fallen through the ceiling because the roof panel was cut in half," Auld said. "When they've hit the floor, they've vomited and then staggered and fallen over. That's what we thought anyway." Associated Press
  • This was from a story about a 19 ft. python that broke into a store in Australia and caused some mischief- and then vomited.  Anyway, another reminder- the world doesn't work the way we think it does. If the aforementioned python had slithered away before the cops arrived and a homeless person was found asleep in the alley behind the store he would still be in jail.
  • Barry mentioned the Onion-esqe but real news report from the Asiana Airlines plane crash. I heard part of the rebroadcast- at 80 mph with my windows down and sunroof open without knowing the context and still got it- how could those reporters who saw it in print not? The first thing I picked up on was her saying, Phuc . Here was my process, Isn't Asiana a South Korean airline? What are the odds a Vietnamese would crew that aircraft? That ain't happening. And anyway- four pilots? Wait, what!? Sum Ting Wong? Are they kidding!?
  • Friend-girls cat is all over me- like a cheap suit. He is helpting typee thhjkks as I write.
  • My buddy at work gave me a Trek mountain bike. It needs some work. I'll put before and after pics up. Holy cow- it is light! When I brought drug it home FG said, Oh Kevin, its in pieces! Don't worry dudette, my dad is a TV repairman. He's got an awesome set of tools!
  • I've been listening to some late 80s and early 90s country lately. I had forgotten how good that stuff was- is? Here have some Mark Chesnutt  or if you prefer some Kentucky Headhunters with Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine.
  • When an old girlfriend left she ended up with a member of a band you see as an associated act to the Headhunters.
  • Thankfully, there is more talk about how dangerous testosterone treatment can be for men. It has long been known it will increase risk for cancer but now there is a study showing increased incidence of heart attacks in men who use it. It is touted for guys who have erectile dysfunction-  it can't work for that. People don't want to hear it but lose some weight, control your blood pressure, diabetes and/or depression and the rest will take care of itself.
  • One of the saddest aspects of President Obama getting his rear end handed to him over the Syria strike issue is we won't be taken seriously when it is really time to get it on- as in when Iran's nuke weapons are getting ready to come on line. Also as long as he is in office we will always have to actually strike people to get their attention- we have no credibility in the military bluff area.
  • A bit over the top but here is what a person named Celeste said about Mineral Wells State Park in the comments section of a site for reviews of camping and hiking locations, "Lake Mineral Wells... you cleanse my soul. I love your mountain biking trail with the friendly deer. I am sorry we crushed the tarantula spider with the car but his time had come. I enjoyed swimming and feeling sand between my toes at your beach. I enjoyed hiking past the old fort we have now dubbed "Area 52". We also loved petting the horses of the friendly middle aged cowgirls who were so friendly and nice. Someday I will return to push a canoe from your teeming shore. I'd also like to take a guided hike too".

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I too could envision myself petting cowgirls in the midst of middle-aged deer.