Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

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  • We went to Graham Drive-In last night (09012013). What a simple- great time we miss when we forget about the drive-in. Soon, all the remaining holdouts will have to buy an expensive digital projector. My guess is at least 25% of the 400+ remaining theaters will go out of business. My guess also is that is an optimistic guess.
  • Their FM  transmitter is unusually powerful. As we were leaving, we heard nearly all of a bonus scene that played after the credits and were several blocks away before we lost the signal.
  • If you go park on the number two row- it is close but but not so close the ribs on the screen are visibly obnoxious.
  • They have cool T shirts.
  • A really good and useful idea for a reality show would be a group of people who go around and rescue drive ins- show them how to advertise, make cool snack bar specials, fix the places up etc.
  • Decatur's drive-in showed pr@n at midnight. There was more family friendly fare earlier then the aforementioned entertainment came at midnight to give little eyes time to be asleep. The projector operator was famous for spanking his monkey during the flick. I always thought that was a small town urban legend but I know a Decatur cop personally who will tell you he randomly caught him once and was asked another time to go make him stop.
  • My earliest drive-in movies I recall well were Funny Car Summer and The Legend Of Boggy Creek. I fell asleep on my buddy's shoulder during Funny Car Summer. 
  • I remember Gary Hudson pulling some kids out of the trunk of a car in front of us while going there with my parents. When dad told me another time we couldn't go because of money I told him he could hide us in the trunk and we would be quiet. It just occurred to me- how did they get caught? They were in the line to go in- they weren't spotted piling out of the trunk once they were in.
  • Gary was called Rock Hudson.
  • Later in life I learned before the movie started you could cross the fence and place all the speakers on the back row on max volume. Then you sat on the hill off the property and watched the show.
  • At Fort Hood once we signed out a 5 ton truck and packed something like 40 guys in there and got into the show in Gatesville on 5 dollar a car load night. I know we got the entire scout and mortar platoons with some headquarters types thrown in.


The Donald said...

OK, I'm likely more sentimentalist (or even semimental) than I am Patrick Jane, and I have't yet been tapped to join the staff of PBS' History Detectives.

But I have watched Murder By Death many times and studied the methods of Sam Diamond, Milo Perrier, Dick Charleston, and Sydney Wang.

So, I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the top photo was taken circa 1976: ◙ Style of bicycle, ◙ Hair style, ◙ Overall lack of sharpness in fixed focus photo - probably a 126 Instamatic with 200 ASA film, ◙ Apparent age of girl consistent with withdrawal of Thalidomide from pharmaceutical market.

When I hear or see pharma ads and their accompanying disclaimers, I am reminded of of that situation. Women in 1960 had no idea of the possible consequences of that drug, but why people today would willingly take certain meds, whose possible side effects far exceed the discomfort or health risk of the condition purported to be alleviated, escapes my understanding.

I'm not gonna ask why you fell asleep on your buddy's shoulder at the drive-in movies.

All of my high school drive-in visits were at the Century 4 in Grand Prairie (on the border with Arlington). A few times with my GF, once with my buddy (whose shoulder I did not fall asleep on, nor he on mine) who stowed away in the trunk of my Opel Manta after we'd purchased a bag full of Taco Bell Bellbeefers, once with several buddies in my dad's '68 Dodge PU with lawn chairs in the back, and a double date in my '68 Chrysler Newport. My friend and his GF had set me up with a blind date 'Cherylyn', and, I guess since it was my car, were accommodating enough to allow us the back seat. Before the movie, we listened to the just-released Hotel California on a cassette I'd recorded. Stuart and his girl were getting along nicely up front (very friendly, but nothing lewd). I desperately wanted to investigate the contents of Cherylyn's fuzzy pink sweater - but it was nothing doing.

Just as well, she didn't even like the Eagles...

The Donald said...
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The Donald said...

Actually, does the girl just have her [obscured] arms crossed, resting on the handlebars?

Oh, and I don't recall the title of the movie we watched from the Dodge PU, but I do remember it featured Angie Dickinson. The former Ms. Bacharach instilled in me a lifelong love of avocados...

RPM said...

I thought it was Heather Graham on a bicycle.

The Donald said...

I didn't know who the heck Heather Graham is, but, yeah, if you Google her name, you'll find that image labeled as her.