Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday's Situation

Sports team logos seem terrible a idea for tattoos

I was thinking something about the two woman in the foreground and wanted to capture that moment. I didn't see the ham in the background at all.

I cannot comprehend why a westerner would want an Asian type script writing tattoo but they dig it. Here, a guy proudly displays the tattoo artist's grocery list.

  • Tomorrow is the last soccer game of the season for Zac. I'm relieved and bummed.
  • If posts seem untimely or out of order the date and normally time it was written will usually be at the bottom in the tags box.
  • Tools of the Devil: corn, English peas and guacamole'.
  • Keith Geeding referenced a video segment on Haitians eating dirt pies while the world obsessed over the royal wedding. There must be a term for agreeing on a point while disagreeing with the premise. Our priorities are flawed everywhere we turn, but no amount of concern is going to turn Haiti around and if it's a money issue- there have have been dump trucks full of cash donated to that country over the past 100 years.
  • The ghost shrimps keep laying eggs, but I never see little ones.
  • The above are some old bullets- April 2011 old.
  • I like seeing posts like the above but wonder why I didn't do anything with them.
  • Few things will be as disruptive as Google Glass but the issue has barely been addressed or debated it appears.
  • Soon 3D printers, chemistry and software will come together to form recreational drugs we can't even dream of now- as soon as one substance is banned another will come out- and in some cases be distributed online.
  • Allow me to take a break from my budding career as a futurist and listen to some Kasabian- Days Are Forgotten.
  • There, that is a little better.
  • We're going to Turner Falls today. We will scout for sites if we don't camp- overnight low is nearly 80 tonight.
  • Earlier FG heard me come out of my room and sleepily said, Kevin, are you OK?
  • I think I may be.

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RPM said...

Between unicorn and sports team logo, I'll pick team logo every time. But then I'll never get a calf tat no matter what it was.