Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Missives

Wassup!? You got somethin' you want to say?

Old picnic area on Goose Island at Mineral Wells State Park Lake.

  • Caraziest thing that's crossed my mind since I don't know when? After my patient left this mortal coil before my shift was over the other night it put me driving home in the middle of the night. Out of nowhere and without provocation it popped into my mind: You know what would be terrific right now- I mean awesome? A dip of Copenhagen! Doesn't that sound tumultuous?
  • I don't know the last time I had any of the stuff.
  • It was all could do to keep from pulling into a convenience store.
  • I mean I fantasized about the stuff.
  • Something you'll have to learn to accept if you're going to be around women: they always look for deeper meaning in everything- from the music you listen to, to the random sighs you make and they always and I mean always come to the wrong conclusion(s).
  • Last night I dreamed about travelling to a foreign land, a foreign land where militants held sway. I was in uniform but not an actual soldier. A group of us were captured with a bunch of tourists. At one point we were marched into a mosque. I looked up and realized only the Muslims were in there- besides me of course. I sneaked out. A big, mean looking female terrorist came out and started beating a small child assuming he was the offender. I didn't say a word to intervene. It also involved zombies and dinosaurs. 
  • That was my dreamscape for the night of 07182013- how was yours?
  • Nope.......I may not agree with his sexual orientation but, he was a solider and deserves exactly what every other hero gets. Whos peter hes puffin' shoudnt make a difference. A comment regarding Alan Turing.
  • Take it away Fly's with Got You Where I Want You featuring a pre Cruise kook-fest Katie Holmes.

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