Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Felix Baumgartners record setting parachute jump still inspires. I will never forget how he shot down- like he had been fired by a cannon when he took that leap into space.

Cave art from Tennessee.

  • I have always wanted to leave a human arm bone in a significant others private space. Then when she finds it and brings it out and says, Kevin what is this?! I would reply, Oh, I thought you might find that humerus.
  • So called big business wouldn't feel so threatened by a minimum wage increase if more of them had just been more fair with employee wages through the years- and not given wage advocates just cause on a silver platter. I personally can not comprehend the responsibility of running a multi billion dollar company with tens of thousand of employees but even less comprehensible is the CEOs of those companies making multi million dollars per year while employees make 7, 8 or 9 bucks an hour. Some things you do because it is just right, other things you don't do because it is plain wrong.
  • One of my favorite boyhood books was Flowers For Algernon. I can't tell you what it meant to me, in that I don't recall any deep personal meaning- I think I may have just liked the story although of course I was sympathetic to Charlie. I read it and Slaughterhouse Five multiple times and in fact I would sometimes restart S5 as soon as I finished it.
  • The White House admits 16-24% of anti government fighters in Syria are Jihadist bad-guys. Based on the fact: everybody involved would have an interest in having the actual number believed to be lower than it is, the government will lie to get what it wants, people will lie to get what they want and there is no way to know the truth anyway, the actual number must literally be at least twice what is reported.
  • The theory now is send obscene amounts of money and things to hurt people with to the rebels we think are are A OK good guys to prevent the bad guys from being ascendant. In a way, I don't even know where to start with that but lest just start with the fact that isn't how it ever works- why would it now? So the good guys win- then what? First of all know the bad guys were all up in the good guys from the start- to the highest levels calling the shots. Yes, if we strike Syria Al Aqaeda will be calling in US airstrikes (not the first time). Then, when its over the AQ guys will give the good guy rebels a dirty look and 25% will pee their pants and run home sucking their thumbs. Then, the AQ guys will cut the heads off the next 25% and kill their families, their friends and everybody that listens to Lady Gaga. Then, the remaining 50%  so called good guys will  swear allegiance to AQ on a Koran after they've gotten some sweet government position to start shaking people down to finance AQ and making laws Al Qaeda approves.
  • The above was intended to be a slightly humorous tongue in cheek goof. In my opinion there wouldn't be a nickels worth of difference in how it would actually play out on the ground if we get more involved in Syria- so it kinda fell flat.
  • The guy who plays Skinny Pete on Breaking Bad lived for a while in Fort Worth and in fact performed at Hip Pocket Theater.
  • A smart person would invest in Indian motorcycles.
  • I  (think we're going to the zoo today (09/14/2013).
  • Relationship pro tip: Want to impress your female significant other? When a pop love song comes on substitute baby (or whatever term is used) in the song for your lady's name and sing along and riff making it more personalized to your relationship.  Not exactly Frank Sinatra when it comes to crooning? No problem- even better. She will appreciate the effort and the fact you put yourself out there even more.

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