Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday's Missives

FGs dumb cat. He went into the lower cabinet and then squeezed out through the drawer.

Bill Warner died recently breaking the 300MPH barrier on his turbo 'busa. I've always thought it would be cool to build a streamliner like this for the street.

How do people find out about  the street view Google camera cars? And why would 8 people have bird masks that handy?! 

Employers line up to fight over guys like this.

  • I used to have this thing where if I noted a servers name and the mood struck I'd draw a picture on a napkin including their name in a theme and leave it with the tip. It could be a hot air balloon, a jet plane flying through clouds, a car or a sailing ship in a lagoon. Within these parameters (and a couple more) they were OK- nothing great, but OK. For this reason, I was surprised when I went into a restaurant and a server brought me a nicer paper napkin from the back and said,   ______ is new here and she's my friend. Would you draw a picture with us and our names in it? We still have two you did before hanging in the back in the break room. It must have been at least a couple of months since I'd last left one.
  • Some people are easily impressed.
  • It's 7 o'clock at night and I'm drinking coffee- a bad habit I'd broken for a long time.
  • My children's grandparents recently gave me 4 nice expensive-ish sleeping bags. Woman formerly known as wife who was the go between said, That way all four of you have matching bags referring to the kids, me and friend-girl.
  • Camping pro tip: If like me you nearly have to use some form of cover even if it is warm consider using a fitted sheet. The corners are nice to hook over your shoulder and slide your feet into.
  • To be filed under blatant theft from the inimitable Keith Geeding: Its Finally Ironic


The Donald said...

Many years ago, CTD featured some Brit milsurp cotton sleeping bag liners, that were generously sized. They made excellent bags for warm nights, just as you describe, and performed their intended duty when used with an outer bag.

I wish I had bought more of them.

The Donald said...

Re: The kitty - it would be amusing, though probably not so much to FG, to put an armed mousetrap in the drawer to break said feline of such habits.

I remember hearing about the guy wiping out the 'busa. About 15 years ago, a friend told me of a guy he knew running across the Lake Ponchartrain causeway @ 200 mph on a modded CBX or CBR Honda. Crazy.

Re: Pierced/tatted dude - if that guy has a super skilled counselor/psychologist/shrink, he/she could maybe figure out what's going on inside that cranium. But I think it would be pretty much of a Gordian knot for most garden variety therapists.