Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • My two best friends inadvertently and simultaneously gave me the cold shoulder recently prompting me to whine like a 12 year old girl to FG. They hate me! What did I do? They were just busy- life was happening to them.
  • Life does happen to us doesn't it?
  • Barry has mentioned Mark Davis a lot recently. I agree with his assessments of Davis' intelligence etc. but caught him recently for the first time in 10+ years on his new radio station. When I listened to him those years ago if nothing else he was rational and well reasoned. I mean it was literally nearly impossible for people to disagree with him as he would just destroy their positions with the most well reasoned arguments I have ever heard for anything. When I caught him the other night he sounded like a frantic religious nutball. Interestingly, like a lot of religious people he quoted a Bible verse for his position on the death penalty. That verse doesn't say a government should or must kill their citizens it says the government has the power to. I think there is a big difference between should and can.
  • Natalie Merchant's song Jealousy started playing in loop in my brain when I woke up this morning. My eldest was 2 years old when that song came out.
  • An article that asks the question no one else wants to ask- Should We Just Let Pandas Die Off Already? The hard answer is yes- they deserve to die. Nature chose them for extinction a long time ago but the soft answer is no- we can keep them on life support so probably should as their tourism value probably exceeds the dollars wasted saving from themselves by 100 to 1.

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RPM said...

I don't know if he really went off the deep end or he is just playing conservative shock jock. Either way, I quit listening to Mark Davis years ago.