Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • We tried spinach pizza yesterday- nasty. Kids, pizza is not health food.
  • I keep getting letter order mixed up in words I spell.  I hope it is a coincidence and/or a bad habit and not a symptom of an age related brain change.
  • Dyslexics Untie!
  • On a more serious, associated note: I have always felt a little anxious if the sun goes down and I'm not home or if I leave the home and it is darker out than I thought it would be. That makes me think and wonder/worry If I'll develop sundowners later in life.
  • I just awoke (09/17/2013 at 0300) from a dream where the catch phrase everybody understood that I did not was, An  inch only counts when you're a dog and bumpin' it! while bending their middle fingers and bumping them together on the flat part of the second bone.
  • It has always perplexed me why documentaries or news programs rely on an American Indian person to relate the history of say, the plains Indians during the Indian Wars of the 1800s.  I don't have an ax to grind about it- it just seems odd. What could they discern from reading a history that others cannot? It just seems there is a forced connection there that does not exist. Here is an article that reminded  me of this subject although loosely associated: Why Do Writers Pretend To Be Indians?
    When will the first world nightmare ever end?


The Donald said...

Spinach pizza is not necessarily of the debbil. CiCi's has a version that is not so bad.

What don't belong on a pizza pie is barbeque/BBQ - anything. It just ain't right.

el chupacabra said...

I stand corrected- mostly. I do like CiCi's spinaccio pizza pie. I guess we part ways on the BBQ one. A little goes a long way but again Ci'Ci's one is OK.