Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some Thoughts On The Fairer Sex

  • Although I can't prove it and I'm sure they'd deny it- I think women kind of dig being around a guy they're pretty sure killed people in war time.
  • And in that vein, I never confirm or deny- I think in general women like a guy with a little mystery/darkness in their background.
  • Last text message I received: Good morning sweety. I just passed mile 9 on my way to 30! ttyl.
  • She's a competitive cyclist and is training for the Hotter Than Hell 100.
  • What she said: "You are awesome, just amazing. I mean it- you not only knew how to fix my sprinkler system, you did it. You are the most calm, compassionate and level headed person I've ever met. You are kind, sweet, smart and funny. I'm glad I met you."
  • I was so flattered, so humbled in fact I could not even think of something smart Alec to say in reply.
  • Besides our parents our interaction with the opposite sex defines us like nothing else- in ways we'd probably not even care to admit.
  • I could fully see my life being weaved throughout the lives of many women throughout, from this point on and dying without ever remarrying and be OK with that, but also projecting myself forward- that might be an empty existence.

  • Ha, just kidding.

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Opus #6 said...

Good questions on male/female relationships. Some women, such as Michelle Obama, prefer the metrosexual effeminate type.

Others prefer a MAN who can get business done. If that business is going downstairs at 3am to check what that noise is and he is extremely effective at keeping the family safe, all the better.