Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

Baby bear I saw the first morning in Big Bend. Or is it? Maybe its a baby Bigfoot monster.

What you're supposed to do if a bear approaches your camp: wave your hands in the air like you just don't care while levitating over a campfire.

The Ghost resting near the banks of the Rio Grande. We put 1200 miles on her during the trip.

Cool music boxes I brought back for my nursing buddies.

This bad boy grew while I was gone on vacation.

  • I impulsively looked up my old division on Youtube this morning. I found a tribute video to a deployment to Baghdad. I saw a couple of faces I thought I recognized, but it was taken a few years after I got out. I was actually about to click off of it when one of my best friends from the war popped up in a picture with someone I didn't know. He is pointing at the guy and smiling with the goofiest look on his face- just the way I remember him. My mind wandered to the last time I saw him during another deployment. There are casualties lined up on a berm, our hands are covered in blood, I can still hear both of us breathing, it's about a billion degrees- he says, What do we do we do Kev...?
  • I wished my former spouse happy Mother's Day this morning. She sent me pics of my son dressed for prom with his girlfriend. His girlfriends are always super sweet girls who happen to be pretty, smart and short.
  • Daybreakers is a pretty good vampire movie overall that definitely has its moments.
  • The above is from a very old draft... as in May 2011 old.
  • Static X continues to be one of my favorite bands- that I hardly ever listen to.
  • Cans of Diet Coke will float but regular Coke sinks.
  • My friend is wanting to get into roller derby. She is little, but feisty and has hair down to her heiny and is covered in tattoos. We worked on her name and persona. Maybe I'll get free tickets.
  • Here is the song I'm listening to right now- Stone Sour Hesitate. 
  • I have been listening to KORN more lately- their not so well known stuff that never gets played on the radio.
  • How did I miss this? George Bernard Shaw commissioned a new alphabet in his will. It is called the Shavian or Shaw Alphabet.

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RPM said...

"Maybe its a baby Bigfoot monster."

Maybe it's Chupacab... naaa.