Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturdays Situation

  • Last night (today is 07/10/2016@0624) I considered looking for a campsite at MWSP as I thought the Peach Fest might have kept enough people away that I could find a spot. In the end, I decided I didn't want to burst into flames from the mid July heat nor be blown away by the tornado that looked to be inevitable based on the spooky, swirly clouds that were everywhere so I laid around like a lump at my place. Predictably, the rain did come but was nice and brief then there was a nice temp. drop and it stayed that way all night.
  •  It is perfect outside now. Only one mosquito has bitten me and he had the decency to stick around and let me smash him.
  • Just a few years ago if we realised Saturday morning we didn't have anything else to do we would load up and go to MWSP and find a site as long as it wasn't a holiday. These days they will laugh at you for asking on such short notice. Then they will feel bad and say, Well, I guess ya'll can sleep in the dumpster...
  • A neighbor is not only gorgeous but apparently nice and sweet. Her husband is one of those slackers who likes to church up what they are and call themselves gamers. She is ripe for the picking.
  • I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. It was good.
  • People are making a big deal out of the Dallas cop killer not being combat arms while he was in the reserves (I have read he was a carpentry and masonry specialist).  Personally, I know of Navy commo personnel who did convoys and Army mechanics who did combat patrols and raids.
  • This strike against an IS convoy happened very near my area of operation in Iraq.
  • Yesterday (today is 07/11/2016) I saw a couple and small child who were moving out of their apartment. They were Asian. They were taking the stuff they did not want to move to the dumpster. The wife was pushing a king or queen size mattress on edge across the parking lot and the husband was carrying a couch cushion. He was was rushing by her calling out something like, Chop! Chop! Chop!... Crazy. The sorriest, most worthless American trash male would not do that to his wife. To be more correct- he might abolutely let her do that all by herself- but he would have enough shame to go hole up with his friends somewhere and play video games or watch football or whatever.
  • I wanna party with these people.


Denney Crane said...

Glacier View's 4th of July events are a great example of old school entertainment and celebration. Fun comes in many forms...

Mike said...

I used to love going to MWSP for camping and rich rock climbing. Thanks for bringing those memories back.