Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

    Seems legit...

  • So last night (today is 06/28/2016) I finally finished Blade Runner. Verdict: very good- not great but not bad.
  • A smoking hot lady who works in an office near mine once ask me for a fork for her lunch as she forgot hers. She rejected the unwrapped one I pulled out of my desk. When I asked if she was too good for an unwrapped utensil she replied, You know I am Kevin. I couldn't argue. Now, when I have unused wrapped ones from restaurants I save them for her.
  • I like Tractor Supply and go in there any time I need something that I even think they might have.
  • This morning I received a pic of my family at the visitation of another family members funeral. Everyone had gotten old since I saw them last. I guess there will be more pics like that coming soon.
  • To be filed under the IT guy would have called it impossible and me crazy: We have a database of old records saved in a corner of the offsite (but still owned by my employer) server. Recently, I searched for a patient's name who had reported a remote treatment history with my organization. I put his name in the search box and before I could get the search results I received an email from a person in another department with the same name as my patient. It said, "I think you sent this to the wrong person." I wasn't sending an email to anybody. I was searching an offline database. My Outlook application was not even open at the time.
  • I have used a lot of emboldenated words up there.
  • I am being bold.
  • Recently I overheard somebody on the phone say to a friend, You just need to get this over with and divorce him. Get online or get a lawyer, sign the papers and get it over with. It is very nice I suppose, how well they everything figured out in life but the first thing I thought of was- that is literally the last thing I would say to somebody and among the last subjects I would offer an opinion on. And then the thought occurred to me: They will grow a bit and someday it will hit them how asinine that statement was.
  • Would a Taser work on a zombie?

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RPM said...

Tazer a zombie... I say it would work, but only momentarily. The shock will cause muscle contractions but as soon as you let off the trigger you're back to square one.

I have a love/hate relationship with Tractor Supply. They really don't carry many tractor supplies. Lawn/garden tractors, yes. Big boy tractors, not so much. But if you want cheap chinese tools, pet food or a pair of pants they got you covered. I ran across a chain in Colorado called Murdoch's that puts TSC to shame. Can't wait for them to expand down here.