Monday, July 18, 2016

Spark In The Park After Action Report or A Weatherford America Story

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  • There were too many people engrossed in their phones. Really- it was sad. There were a few teens walking around trying too hard to not look enthralled with the fireworks. They wanted to look too cool to be impressed.
  • It was a thrill to see Tommy Alverson but Charlie Robison stole the show- he was great and his guitar player is awesome. He played Star Spangled Banner a la Hedrix (except better). It was the first time I ever heard it played live on a guitar.
  • My kids got up on the stage with some others and sang Hey Soul Sister with Sunshine Emery. It did my heart good.
  • There were a lot of new babies there.
  • Omigosh it was hot and so humid!
  • Sheps Place had a food truck there. I have only eaten there once. It was OK- not great but pretty OK.
  • Tommy Alverson worked for Miller before becoming a full time musician.
  • Maybe they have better things to spend there money on but the crews and performers RVs I saw were old, raggedy looking things.
  • I spent a fortune on bottled water which was thankfully only 1.50 a bottle. Cities should formulate a cap for how much is charged at venues- I have seen bottled water at other places priced at 4 or even 5 dollars a bottle.
  • So. Wrong.
  • Tommy said of Craig Swancy, I always told him if he sold enough amps and guitars he would make something of himself. I didn't know he was going to become a politician.
  • Craig is the mayor of Weatherford and owner of a legendary music store here..
  • During the finale they played John Wayne (I think) speaking the pledge of allegiance.
  • Sometimes I feel like you have to pick moments to hold on to as some day they will be all you have. Last night was one of them. I intend to never forget that nearly perfect time and have a feeling my children will long remember the experience we had July 4th, 2016.


The Donald said...

Spark, in the park, after dark - alliteration and rhyming is where it's at, dude.

Cities should formulate a cap for how much is charged at venues. Hoss, that sounds like a communist plot. Not that I favor high prices for water. What was the gate charge for the event?

el chupacabra said...

Yeah- I get it. When we fall for comminist plots like- the Russkies win and I am never for that but I am even less for people dying of heatstroke. Call me odd!

The gate was righteously priced at zero dollars- American. Word on the street is there will be fee events there but a lot of free programs also. There is an events calendar on the city's website.

The Donald said...

Some of the gratis events in Cowtown have featured bulk water trailers - sponsored by companies or organizations - that allow patrons to refill their own drinking vessels. Seems an intelligent way to accommodate the frugal-minded (such as myself), while allowing those who want to pay $3 a bottle water to do so.

The Alliance Airshow, on the basic end, has tank trucks with multiple spigots - nuthin' fancy. At some Panther Island events, there were cargo trailers with classier dispensers - I think it was filtered water, possibly even chilled. No Perrier or Evian, though.

B, C[l], D, H, L, M, N~, P, Q[u], R[o/u], S[n,p,t], [bul-]W: Noah's nephew Rhymin' Simon says you can make a lot of words rhyme in your headline.