Monday, July 25, 2016

Dregs- From Old Draft Clean Up Day

Found while looking for my JEEP. My first thought was, he is too lazy to get out and take a picture of his vehicle to place in a free ad- he would be too lazy to maintain said vehicle properly- I'll take a pass.

The ad said, " One of a kind!. Turns heads wherever I go! " Lets hope you're correct on the first point homes and I do not doubt you on the second.

  • I cannot stand a single reality show I've tried so far and would nearly be willing to state they are what is all wrong about America today.
  • Can't even do COPS much anymore- often a bunch of poor, defenseless , sick people being beat up by a system supposed to protect that's rigged for abuse.
  • I've started watching LOST- nothing what I thought it would be- as a matter of fact I thought it was some sort of reality show.
  • Not necessarily hooked or even hooked on the idea of getting hooked but, it's very intriguing.
  • Recently chanced upon Spaced, a Brit Com starring Simon Pegg- very, very funny show but, they only made two seasons. I think every episode is on HULU right now- check it out while the they're up and the price is right.
  • Nearly every day (as of 05/02/2014) I still look up vids for the bands from EDGEFEST 2014. Man, what a great show and what great music. Even for the bands that weren't my faves- I got it and the performances were still really good.
  • A few times a year I have  dream about living in a sort of waterworld. It is always dark and the water varies from warm to chilly and from shallow to deep. Points of land and people from the past and present in my life are linked by ropes running under the water. It happens without regard to any changes in my life and is hyper realistic.

    This lady at SRF was soooo drunk. She nearly fell over backward as  she sat beside me.  I said, Thats alright- you totally meant to do that I'm sure. Of course she slurred Anyway, I knew you'd catch me.
  • An old friend has been on my mind a lot lately and I'm not sure why. She was one of the first people who got me me interested in nursing. She worked in an OR coordinating supplies and services but get this- the smell of blood sickened her if she walked in after a patient was opened , not in a vague, Oh that is kinda gross  but I'll be OK guys kinda way but in an automatically eject the contents of her stomach- every single time kinda way. Her solution? Get scrubbed up along with the surgeon and assists and stand right beside him as the blood initially flows and she would be OK for the rest of the shift. I heard she got strung out and moved to Washington state but I don't know. I hope she is OK and nothing I've heard is true (which it may not be). 
    In the audience at the Untrained Dog Show
  • A thing now for Craigslist car ads is for people to take tight close up shots- so tight and close you can't even tell what you're looking at. How odd. There must be a tutorial on the ads that recommends close ups and morons take it too much to heart.
    My number 2 offspring holding a number 6.


TommyBoy said...

Greetings, pilgrim! Just passing through and felt compelled to comment on a few of your points because:

1) I wish I had an old jeep.

2) I stuck with LOST and enjoyed it with an interest in the mental gymnastics the writers must have been going through. It's a quantum world, baby!

3) Your dream is fascinating and I had a similar recurring dream when I was young that stuck with me as well. My dream dealt with opposites, specifically the perception of distance and selected points within my range. There was also the variance of touch from soft to hard and light from dark to white (can I say that? is that racist?). Could have something to do with some primal growth period learning sequence, like infant memories maybe. Putting the world together. I like the "ropes running underwater" comment very much and I'll try to remember to credit it to you when I use it.

Your dream, of course, is a metaphor for how things work. It's your big picture, ha! or at least a big part of it. I suspect we all live in a universe that is connected at levels we haven't the capacity to understand. Is there a man behind the curtain in your dream?

Enjoyed reading your thoughts!

Mike said...

I stuck it out with LOST, and by the end I was almost saddened by the amount of time I LOST by watching it. It was enjoyable for about 10 or 12 episodes, but then it got so out of whack that I couldn't stop watching it for fear I'd miss something even dumber.