Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Second Experience With Rasing Cane's Went Something Like This...

As I drove into the drive thru at the Weatherford location on 07/05/2016 at 2034 a voice screeched out from the speaker, What up!? Hey, hey hey. How about some chicken? I drove off and went to Panda Express. I deal with enough imbiciles on a daily basis for free without having to pay for elongated chicken McNuggets and school cafeteria fries to also have a side order of moron after working 13 hours.
I will never go back.
How was your Tuesday evening?


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct on Canes. I don't know what people like about their food. The food and service experience sucks. We waited 8 minutes for our order in the drive through the last time we went and when the food was ready no comment of 'sorry for the delay' or 'here's a coupon for next time'. It was 'here's your food' and you can leave now. Worse still is their management thinking they are so good they don't need to return calls about a service complaint during a time that is convenient for me. I refuse to let my family go there. Popeyes is better and their fries have flavor rather than the mush stick Canes sells.

The Donald said...

Rec'd an email from Koch Davis (recruiting firm) today that - among others - listed jobs with the W'ford Cane's, so maybe they've got some structural problems with getting quality hires.

Maybe just my curmudgeonly perspective, but there are a number of Johnny-Come-Lately FF franchises that seem thinly-premised. Back in the day, your DQ, McD, BK, JITB, KFC, Wendy's, LJS, and many more, grew somewhat organically, honing their business models over decades before trying to put one on every corner, and do IPOs. Nowadays, it feels like many of the newcomers are trying to be the next hot franchisor before their first store is even up, and sometimes on a flimsy concept (which I would say chicken strips falls into).

A few years ago, I went into a pizza place that was like a ghost town right when its lunch run should have been going on. It wasn't very fancy, and the MRO of the place seemed slipshod. I asked the apparent person in charge about their other locations, and he told me that was their 'model' store - the one they apparently used to lure franchisees. I thought "YGBKM", as no rational person would've looked at that operation and subsequently parted with investment dollars.