Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Seeing hospital food during a recent visit  reminded me of the food at one of the hospitals where I did my clinicals. It was good and cheap. It was so good people would come after church to eat there. It was so cheap somebody must have been subsidizing it.
  • Some of the snails in my office tank have already died. I'm curious to know their lifespan. They readily make plenty of babies so wouln't need to live long assuming an early development but I thought they had a long-ish lifespan.
  • The house is dark and quiet and I'm drinking coffee.
  • Another patient has told me she wants to stay in touch. She is 24 and cute. What is it that makes me so doggone irrestible?
  • Ha.
  • I have never given out my phone number to a patient but I gave her my Email address.
  • Hilary lost her mind sometime before she started using a personal server for her Email comms. She is nothing if not a pro politician. She had to know that situation would blow up in her face. What was she thinking?
  • What was.going on with the hospital visit you ask? Oh, an ex girlfriend was having surgery and I went to stay with her and help out afterward. Yep, such an amazing boyfriend- I'm a good ex one even.

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RPM said...

You never updated us on the other young hottie that was wanting to hook up. C'mon man. Let us old guys live vicariously thru Combat Kev!