Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • I finished Timeline. Verdict: good to very good.
  • On 10/30/2015 @0511 I took note of what I thought was an odd sentence in Timeline. He describes a, "long wooden board..." That doesn't make sense does it? Is there another kind of board?
  • Modern country is truly horrifically bad.
  • How to know there is something truly horrifically wrong with this world: You watch an Immortal Lee County Killers video on Yootoobs there will be 7000 views with 2400 likes and no dislikes. What is up with that? I may not even be smart enough to tell you why but there are multiple things wrong with that preceding thought.
  •  Recently I heard somebody use the non-word debation in a sentence as in, I am still in debation what to do about...
  • The documentary Muscle Shoals came highly recommended by Gordon Keith of The Musers but I just couldn't get into it. A little of Bono goes a long way and there seemed to be a lot of him in that film. Also the people seemed to be very full of themselves while they were talking about the session musicians from the Fame studio. It seemed a sort of humble-brag. When Aretha Franklin talked about them it seemed as though she might as well have said, They must have been great. I mean look- I'm talking about them!
  • It made me tired- it just wore me smooth out. I got tired all over.

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The Donald said...

I haven't seen the MS documentary, but would like to see the Wrecking Crew pic. One supposes that after a career of helping emerging artists become major stars, it's probably natural to want to cash in on some of the action and bask in some of the reflected glory.