Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

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  • Something I have been curious about is the number of people with serious health problems and disabilities in US prisons. Recently, somebody was on NPR to discuss the issue. After she was introduced, her initial statement gave raw numbers of prisoners with severe handicaps then she said something to the effect of, Disproportionately these prisoners are people of color, illegal aliens and recent immigrants... How did she even get there at all- much less in the first 15 seconds out the gate? I know at least part of the answer is she was obsessed with those issues- the handicaps of the prisoners were secondary. Regardless, she did her cause no favors. I could not have been alone when I groaned and changed the station.
  • Too bad I won't get to meet this guy.
  • Phil Hartman is one of the few actors we have lost that nearly every time I am reminded of him I feel a little sad and will often blurt out, Man- I miss him.
  • Although I don't know if it was actual rule or not- in old books I have seen the name Fitzpatrick as Fitz-Patrick and it made me wonder if that wasn't originally correct.
  • An old friend has died of a heart attack. She was one year older than me.
  • While not necessarily a deal breaker- a woman with an ugly or weird looking belly button can freak me out if I notice it.
  • There are multiple diseases, syndromes and conditions that are  prevalent in the US that most people I think would presume are real and serious issues. The only problem is- they are not big problems in other countries or they simply may not even exist at all.
  • Smashing Pumpkins Rhinocerous.


The Donald said...

I'm not sure if it's the same feeling or not, but when I watch PBS' America Reframed, it's often with the thought "What goofy idea are they promoting tonight to bastardize our culture?"

Hartman was assuredly one of the best. And, of course I'm pleased to have original vinyl LP covers of Poco's Legend, and History: America's Greatest Hits.

Didja hear about the Irish 'bachelors'? Henry Fitzpatrick, and Patrick Fitzhenry? Yeah, that's an old bit...

I have no compelling opinion vis-à-vis navels, though I like the oranges.

Denney Crane said...

Law, order and justice is a secondary concern to liberals who prefer to evoke sympathy for criminals with disabilities and infirmities. The fact that our lifestyle choices and diet are primarily responsible for disease and sickness does not provide a platform for sympathy but personal responsibility, whether in prison or not. No one wants to tell the whole truth because half truths are easier to digest.