Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

  • If you watch House during the aerial shots of the front of the hospital there is always (at least in the first season)  a UPS van parked in the front.
  • In the preceding thought I couldn't spell arial, ariel, aeriel aerial to save my life.
  • After getting my tires rotated this past weekend my truck drives like new.
  • I have never owned a brand new vehicle.
  • As I am tired of trying to look around and over some mongoloid with a cel phone in front of me filming a band or performer I am considering never going to another concert or at least not one where it is general admission to a ground level standing room only area.
  • Genius: at the last EDGFEST I went to a guy in front of us was without a shirt. He was quite overweight but real hairy and sweaty and due to said sweaty hairiness it was like he had a force field of solitude around him that extended 3 feet around him in every direction. Nobody wanted to touch that hairy, sweaty beast.
  • Guys who own Raptor package Ford trucks always drive like maniacs.
  • This morning (02/18/2016) I watched a news clip about the war in Syria that featured a TOW missile being fired. The news reader spelled the letters out- T-O-W which is not correct. It is an acronym and is pronounced, toe. Also, part of the reason the TOW missile was used was to prove how convoluted that war is as it is a US made weapon and was provided to US supported groups and was then used to engage other US supported groups. There are only about a dozen problems with that view but I would start with the fact we aren't the only country to make the TOW and definitely aren't the only government with a bunch of them lying around.

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