Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday's Dispatch Southwest Edition

Found with about a dozen others at a rest area in New Mexico.

Real T-rex skull at Fox Cave


During the siege of the McSween home the front was set fire by the Dolan-Murphy faction. Billy and others escaped out the rear after fighting the fire all the way to the back. Billy made his way down to the Rio Bonito and followed it to safety- for a time.

Thousand of years ago the previous owner of this mask could never have guessed it would end up at Fox Cave on East Highway 70 between Alamogordo and Ruidoso New Mexico. Our world is a weird place to live.

  • It is 06/07/2016 and Comfort Inn is sheltering me from the elements.
  • The journey may be the destination and all that but the feds need to put miles on the their signage. Lincoln NF is huge and it is easy to drive for miles and then be convinced you may not have the right road so you turn around...
  • Hey G Men: When you put a sign up with a place name and an arrow pointing the way  it will only cost another 50 cents to put the number of miles to the destination.
  • The Pizza Hut guy brought paper plates with the pizza a minute ago. I have never encountered that before.
  • Today a local business owner said some racist crap while we chatted. It seemed like an effort to bait us into some deeper racist interaction. I felt sick and left as soon as I could.
  • The girl at the Lincoln County Courthouse could not act any more bored with her job and tired of peoples crap if she tried and I mean this literally as I had to ask her to repeat her answer to a simple question multiple times as her mumbling, sighs, eye rolls and glances down to her phone/computer were so distracting it was hard to understand her.
  • Don't worry babe- you're right, you are too hot and smart for that job- you won't be there forever.
  • On the way east as we headed home Cracker Barrel sounded good so we stopped. Listen, if you never heed any of my advice; have the green chili grilled chicken dinner and for your side have a baked potato, green beans and mac and cheese. It is not amazing but very- very good- especially considering the 9 dollar price tag.


The Donald said...

PFC Larry Harmon?

el chupacabra said...

Ha! Yeah, that was better than anything I came up with.

The Donald said...

I was gonna use G.I. Bozo - same concept - but thought I'd make the reader work for it...