Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

Bing results for, Civil War meme.

  • The Donald turned me on to a cover of Gold Dust Woman I did not even know existed- a truly horrific one by the late, great Waylon Jennings. Go ahead and listen as nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day but it is baaaad. Honestly, I don't know what he was thinking.
  • Here is a good one though with a good story about Willie.
  • In another life I went to church with Waylon's aunt.
  • Gov't Mule still has the best cover of GDW I have ever heard.- literally better than the original. Man- so pretty.
  • When I walk by our  refugee clinic offices and I see a refugee kid looking out at me if I can get away with it, I screw up my face and throw on a zombie walk for a few steps for their benefit then turn around and wink and smile at them as I walk away. When they come back for follow ups and see me they smile like crazy and can't take their eyes off me.
  • Be underestimated- maybe I always say but never be forgotten.
  • Hatfield & McCoys were in the ole laptop this morning as I prepped for work. So far- so good. Actually, I am hoping for the best as it kinda looks really good. I caught a background extra though, acting like he was chopping wood by bring an ax down on a log and pulling short so the sound of an impact against the wood would not mess with the audio of the main character's voices. It was so obvious (to me at least) that it was almost comical. I always catch things like that- do you?
  • Another: Yesterday I finished Gods And Generals. During one scene the Billy Yanks are being overrun by the Johnny Rebs and are running for their lives- one would assume in mortal terror. In the midst of the fleeing mass of terrified soldiers is an extra grinning like a  possum eating poop.
  • Yesterday (05/18/2016), WWWIHBSTW left me. Today, a literally beautiful woman asked me out to a comedy club. While that doesn't mean we are betrothed and yes- I am still single but for lack of a better way to express it- that may be the shortest time I have ever been single.


Denney Crane said...

To be underestimated is a great thing, similar to one being humble. I find it's exemplified when I keep my mouth shut and never make threats. I don't fear people who threaten me, the ones who don't give me great pause.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Denney. Good point. The last sentence especially.

The Donald said...

You're right, Waymore's GDW is awful. I liked the Mule version, if a bit long.