Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • A few minutes ago as I was about to log onto Gmail from Blogspot I got the two mixed up and  typed in G Spot.
  • Poppasito's was one of the first places I went out to when I came home on leave from Iraq. Interestingly, I went with 2 guys from my company who were also on leave. We were good friends and our wives were best friends although we didn't plan the leaves around each other- it was totally random. There was a birthday party at the table next to us. As if on cue, some balloons descended onto the candles ( or after being loosed went up into the rafters- I forget) regardless- 3-4 popped in rapid succession causing us for a split second to check for an out and look for cover.  Then our mouths fell open. We then relaxed and busted out laughing. The weirdest thing!? We all processed the situation as less threatening as the balloons sounded more like M4 fire as opposed to AK.
  • Weird.
  • A related memory: I was mesmerized by the fountains outside- so clean and cool. The sound alone was hypnotic to me.
  • Until I re-watched it the other day (today is 03/17/2016) I had forgotten how good the soundtrack to American Beauty is. Even the weird original music that didn't seem to match the scenes was great and somehow perfect for the depicted scene.
  • I am eating soup and Chex Mix as I write this.

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