Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ages Old Dregs Of Drafts

A real picture. I have no independent recall of where I found it. The captions says, Dino Boston

  • You see all the time on the news or reality police shows the detectives saying to the effect, He's just too calm- he's obviously guilty. or  He's too nervous- he's obviously guilty.  the problems with this thinking doesn't even start when comparing the two situations- both types of thinking would be troubling to me on their own merits but, what if someone said, Good, I'm glad he's dead. Do you need me for anything else? I need to cook supper for my kids when notified their spouse or significant other has died ?
  • I know someone who told me she was glad her ex husband killed himself and while I seriously doubt she told police this- what if she had and had no alibi and the scene was suspicious? I doubt also she would have tried to fake any kind of sadness over his death while speaking with them.
  • Something that really surprised me when I first learned it: the seaman who drives the submarine is one of the lowest ranked on the entire boat.
  • A video I rented for my children titled Popular Mechanics For Kids- Radical Rockets And Other Cool Machines which had submarines, monster trucks, space craft etc. and demonstrated how they work, had as one of the presenters a young- make that very young (as in 10-12 years old) Aleshia Cuthburt.

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