Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday's Situation

I took this pic as I thought it interesting as  I was just contemplating the Governor's race and the choices we have and wheeling into my breakfast place I saw this. Also The Musers were just 5 minutes before talking about how G. Abbott won't get pinned down on issues and he just talks about, Fighting for Texas...He got out of the car and came back to my truck and said, Whats the deal with the pic? I told him I thought the Davis sticker interesting so  took a picture. We introduced ourselves and chatted for a minute. His hand was soft.  He asked if I wanted a sticker I said, Sure.

  • It does't matter what it is- just because it bothers you, scares you or is different, doesn't make it wrong.
  • This evening (10/31/2014) in traffic I safely and very responsibly completed a lane change. In that amount of time a woman with handicapped plates literally shot out in front of me between a box truck and a landscapers truck from a ramp to the right. A collision was avoided by absolute inches. I actually started grinding my steering wheel off to the left to be ready to go for the shoulder if I knew I couldn't stop to avoid striking her car. Maybe it was worth it to her as we did not collide but it was a 50/50 thing. If I had been texting or my car brakes or tires were older we would have absolutely collided. She shaved 1/16th of a second off her commute though, so there is that I suppose.
    He came back after a minute and said he was all out. Then as an afterthought, to have an excuse to come back and get my license plate number he returned with this. When I left he had pulled over probably running my plate somehow before he forgot the number. I respected him for the courage of his convictions instantly and sensed him to be genuinely likable but seriously dude- sometimes you should just stay in your car.
  • With the recent murders of multiple people by cops and their various abuses of power coming to light there will come a time, If it isn't on video it didn't happen ( in regards to an officers accusations). Judges won't believe a word cops say and juries will thankfully at last leave their overawe and naivete at the door. On a positive note and I don't know why we have to be this way but once the public is done with law enforcement LE will have to straighten up and go on a charm offensive and do a better job of policing themselves and repair their image.
  • We don't do it often but FG and I are presently (11/01/2014 @0640) in our own worlds on different computers. Eight inches apart and worlds away... As I said, it isn't a bad habit- normally in the morning she would be getting ready for work and I would be DJ'ing from YouTube and taking her requests. Today though she is getting caught up on her documentation from work so she needs peace and quiet- not me spinning the mix.

  • The Weatherford Safe Halloween thing last night was great. The WC Jazz Band very ably played Thriller and it was just a fun simple time. Among the better costumes were Maleficent and Edward Scissorhands. Mini-Me won first place in his little group of kids going up on stage for a costume contest and took away a stuffed Tigger. He was a zombie hunter.
  • I get nervous when I see somebody wearing a cop costume and keep an eye on them as I intuitively assume they may be up to no good and I really- really do not like it when their accessories include a realistic looking gun. Words of wisdom: If it has to be a cop uniform (or even a soldier) carry a Supersoaker or Nerf gun or clown gun- anything but something real looking.
  • Bonus info: don't wave it around.
  • A Masonic Lodge was there running an activity. It reminded me of my dad. He was a big joiner- Order of Odd Fellows, Elks and Freemasons. Although they have been lost to time to me I think there may have even been more.
    Wyatt Earp's Odd Fellows membership card.
  • There is a large family of Albanians in the area I bump into often and we chat a little in spite of the fact their English isn't that great and my Albanian? Well, lejon vetëm të thonë se aftësitë e mia gjuhësore Alabanian janë shumë të shëmtuar!. Last night although my children have never seen me interacting with them they both started independently talking to the mom and her baby. I hadn't even noticed they were nearby.
  • They're good people. My Wise County upbringing and their background probably makes us soul mates or somethin'.
  • There is a nicer neighborhood here that pretty much goes all in for Halloween. People pull trailers though for hay rides, four wheelers and side by sides roam the streets with impunity and residents actually make little spook houses. The fire department and police get in on the act- it is just a nice, simple community thing. Last night I saw a woman lay the open part of a handle to a wagon over the ball of a trucks bumper hitch. She jumped in and let the truck pull her- literally asinine.

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Katy Anders said...

There's a place in California (Rialto) where all the cops now wear body cameras. Since they've started doing that, citizen complaints against the police department are down 60%.

Especially in light of some of the awful clips taken by citizens of police misconduct that have come out, I agree... They've got their work cut out for them.