Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mental Meanderings Interspersed With Unrelated Images

My backal region following perforation by my mad scientist doctor. 
  • Watch Rubber at your earliest convenience. You'll find it in the Netflix awesome section.
  • The Mississippi native who has gone to Syria to fight with the Kurds was not only an Army grunt who served in Iraq and Afghanistan he started the interview posted by CBS This Morning with the immortal phrase, I figgered.... I like him already.
  • The Kurds- what a great and good bunch of people. They are good humored patient, kind,  hard working, generous to a fault and they make a good cup of tea and a mean cup of coffee. They are truly one of my favorite groups of Un-Americans. They will get their independence and people will flock to their country by the thousands to experience them as the people will know  (or learn) the Kurds would die a thousand deaths before letting them get their heads chopped off or otherwise betray them. People don't like sweeping generalities when referring to people but there are groups in the Middle East whose whole thing- their only reason for being is to betray other people.
  • Man, Jay Mohr is funny. He also just said something very interesting. He said he was told by Bob Newhart, Being a headline comedian is the second smallest club next to living Presidents.
  • "Something" up there was spelled so horrifically methinks was offered as an alternative.
  • When I watch a documentary about WWII or see pictures in a book I always look for my dad. He would be instantly recognizable to me as I have seen up close pics of him with his head bandaged in France, in groups of guys from a distance in Germany, from a middle distance with a friend (Chi-Chi from El Paso) in the snow, helmet on and helmet off ... He was a photogenic dude. He always had a pantie dropping grin on his face.
  • Something I just realized: we must have 20+ pictures of him from the war- that must have been a lot for the time.

    At Holly's in Post Texas
  • A connected thought to the above WWII missives: my laptop from downrange has over 4000 pictures on it.
  • A girlfriend who was a terrible lover thought she was the greatest in the world. How very odd. I mean really- she just didn't think she was good- she knew she had to be the best in our galaxy and being with her was simply awful. I would dread it and after she was finished I would turn toward the wall and sucking my thumb beg God to make the hurt and shame go away...

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