Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • When a Palestinian is killed by the IDF after throwing rocks during a riot the news likes to refer to the decedent as a youngster, student or teenager etc. and refer to them as," harmless" and "apparently not a threat "- anything but a rioter who was throwing rocks that could kill as readily as a bullet if it hits somebody in the right place. I just watched one that identified the Palestinians by name and used all those word games- in a single 5 minute news piece. I wondered if they had even watched the same film I did. They had to make a point to mention one had been in class that morning- what did that matter? Really- what did that mean?
  • It is intuitive to me that people would frequently grow out of being what we might call a liberal and become more conservative as I have frequently seen that happen but have never witnessed a reversal in the opposite manner.
  • My buddy in the digital music sharing underground just dropped off some sweet- sweet Joy Division for me to test on my new stereo.
  • We won't watch Doomsday Preppers every time it is on or even every chance we get but we do watch. My question was, Why? Here is what we determined: It is a glimpse into another's mind. We might learn something . Idle curiosity. 

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