Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • Do all the people freaking out over genetically modified foods- they call GMs and very inventively Frankenfoods (I really like that one) realize all the foods they, we and every person in the world has ever eaten in their lifetimes is genetically modified? As soon as man began an agrarian lifestyle he modified genetically the foods he grew for desired traits.
  • A liberal friend who took jillions of sociology, psychology and every other 'ology class ever offered once mentioned, You can tell how important something is to a society by how many slang words they have for the object or activity. 
  • Self censorship is a way of life for us now as we are absolutely terrified of being labelled racist, xenophobe or sexist or...
  • I only heard most of the Donald Sterling conversation between he and his girlfriend. He is heard telling her to never bring black guys with her to his games. Did he say black people were terrible, ugly or that their mothers dressed them funny? If he did, I missed it but he will forever be labelled a racist-as in he will be referred to as such long after he is dead and gone. I'm not defending him I may have missed something but the only person in this world I heard making anything like a defense of him was his wife. Every single white person in this country is terrified at the thought  of trading places with him- and not because of that mugly girlfriend.
  • Connected thought: I set these thoughts to post some months after they came to mind.
    FG at the tree light Xmas 2013
  • I'm at the pool and Zac is working the babes while sister practices her cannonball technique.
  • My respect automatically goes up a notch when a lawyer refers to himself as a lawyer instead of attorney.
  • Don't like lawyers? Cops or lawyers- takes your choices and takes your chances. Wait- better English? .. take your choice and take your chances or make your choice and take your chances or make your choice or take your chances...
  • Whoa either way, that was pretty good. Give me credit when you use it.


Katy Anders said...

Many years ago, I had a blog that was actually popular. One thing I noticed was that race issues blew out all of the stops.

Politics, religion, sex... they'd pull in page views and comments, but NOTHING like race.

Any mention of race sends everybody around the bend.

Come to think of it, maybe I should write a race post...

el chupacabra said...

Lulz- Katy the Lightening Rod.