Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

A funny flashback.  Recently I came across the GPS receiver I used downrange. When I powered it up it took a second to process what B2 was that lay at a 37 degree heading 7227 miles away from Weatherford America. Then it hit me-  B2 was a checkpoint for route reconnaissance along route Boston in Iraq. It would be called, Charlie Papa Bravo 2 in Armyspeak.

  • An ex tried to stab me with a pair of scissors. She would have buried them in my skull if I hadn't turned in time to see them coming down. Interestingly, I was walking away from her and only turned back as I processed the slight scraping noise I heard behind me was the scissors being lifted from a chest of drawers. I had taken note of the fact the scissors were the only thing on the chest as I had walked by- they seemed out of place. It pays to know you're surroundings I suppose.
    Food in a bowl made of other food- fancy.
  • I did not know until I just watched a commercial featuring her that Minnie Driver is English. It was meanfunny to recognize her because of an American Dad! episode where they make fun of the size of her head.
  • It is 11/08/2014 and I have already had 2 fires in the fireplace. 
    I generally eschew things that are described as, "encrusted" but this dish was very good. But still- eeew.
  • Red Dawn (the real one) is on Esquire Network and almost over. It is a great movie- for all the reasons critics hate it. Anyway dude- it isn't a documentary.
  • My best friend in the Army was best friends growing up with the kid who hangs out the window after being shot by the Cuban paratrooper at the school in the opening scenes. Interestingly, after he and that kid parted ways in junior high the kid actor became best friends with another kid in another state in high school. Once in the Army my buddy was shocked to hear a guy telling a story about being best friends with the kid in the movie who was shot and hangs out...
  • Another of my few degrees of separation for Patrick Swayze.
    On my commute home. 'Murica

    Was so all over the road while texting- it caught my attention in my rear view mirror while they were a mile behind me.

    I think this is the gearbox to a wind electricity generator.
    This sunset was so searing due to the exact right time, elevation, lay of the streets and haze in the atmosphere that everybody regardless of direction of travel, speed or maneuver they were executing was stunned for a second. Everybody in my field of view hesitated or even swerved a bit.
    Broke out because keys were locked in the car?  Odd though- why is there a hole in the Plexiglas patch?
  • Yesterday I offered to buy my nursing buddies's lunch. When I reached for my card it wasn't anywhere to be found in my little wallet. Embarrassing. Even worse, as he was paying for our lunch I found my card in the compartment where normally only the cash is stored.
  • Flounder are an interesting fish.
  • The only zip lining I have ever done was one made by some friends- 30 years ago. You had to lift your legs halfway to keep from smashing into a peak left in the middle of a gully. Your butt would brush the weeds as you went over.
  • Hill Country Adventures
  • Ken Burn's contribution to this country cannot be overstated.
  • Gladiator is still a great movie. The opening sequence is still mesmerizing. I am glad I saw it in a theater.

    There must be a mudbogging track around Wise County somewhere. I saw 10+ rigs like this near or in Decatur.


Katy Anders said...

7,227 miles!

Heads don't keep growing as you get older the way that ears and noses do, do they?

I'm no Minnie Driver, but I'm already a bit touchy about the size of my head... If it's just going to keep growing and growing, I might have to look into that binding thing the Chinese do with their feet.

el chupacabra said...

Lulz. Anyway- your head has to be big to hold all those brains!

RPM said...

Wind turbine gearbox = correct. Were they doing something at Bridgeport Off Road Park? I've never been there but drive past the entrance and see signs for events all the time. It's on 101 about a mile north of 380.

I actually caught a flounder in Unimak Pass when I was in the Coast Guard. We had to PM test our bow thruster so we used it as a giant trolling motor for a couple of hours and broke out the fishing gear. Big freakin fish! We had to lower the small boats to haul them in. Too big to reel up the side of the ship.

el chupacabra said...

Hey R- Oh, I hadn't heard of BPORP. The rigs I saw were all on 51 in Decatur. My first exposure to the flounder was in Decatur. A friends dad brought some back from Aransas and cleaned them in the backyard. I have never seen so many cats in my life.

Cattastroficka said...

I had to look Ken Burns up on Wiki. Now I'm perusing Ebay for his films. Thanks a lot Kevin, thanks a lot. hehe

el chupacabra said...

Cat anything 4u! Check netflix and for that matter youtube.

RPM said...

Freshwater flounder? Didn't know they existed. Seriously.

Hey the other day we were talking about .22 ammo and I wanted to pass this link along to ya. I still have the last 100 round box I bought a couple years ago but just ordered a box online for 8.4 cents a round. Thought that was cheap enough to stock up.

el chupacabra said...

R- Cool on the link, thanks.
No, Port Aransas, as I recall they were caught there in the pass.

RPM said...

D'oh! Aransas... my dyslexic brain was reading Arkansas. No wonder I'm not an air traffic controller.