Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • It would not surprise me at all if half or more of the western wildfires were started by part time firefighters and/or pyromaniacs who get a thrill from the scope and attention the fires get with a relatively low risk of death to people. Actually, I'll say I would be shocked if 50+%  weren't  human caused and the balance started by lightening and legitimate accidents
  • Recently I had to go undergo training required for participating in CDC studies. It was about problem solving and organizing processes from a goal or problem to achieving the goal or resolving the problem, collaboration, information gathering, data collection and etc. I'm not sure why or what but I have a sense someday those lessons will serve me in a big way outside my clinic and I tried to absorb everything presented, took notes and kept all the literature and intend to borrow as offered the related books from the instructor.
  • To be placed in the overheard at the pool category: Your house is better than my trailer! 
  • The conversation progressed to being about one woman and an on/off boyfriend needing to leave the area to avoid some type of legal/financial problems. They mentioned going to Mexico referring to it as Old Mexico. Yeah, no money, wrong color and no language skills- you'll fit right in and people will be lining up to harbor you.
  • There is already as I write this (05/17/2014) a movie in the works about the lost Malaysian airliner.
  • The Australian government has pledged 50 million for the search of that aircraft. Why?
  • What is the Aussie currency? They probably call it  lobberwocky or somethin'.
  • One thing every government should admit and remind themselves of frequently when dealing with the ascendant terror groups in the world but especially West Africa and especially if they're AQ affiliated: Regardless of what we do or say- They're way ahead of us. And as a bonus: Anything we say or do- including nothing may be wrong.
    Found during my bike search. Good grief.


Katy Anders said...

What a coincidence. I have the same angel as a tattoo on my back!

I'm kidding. But I scared you for a second, didn't I?

My understanding is that the wallaby is the Australian currency. They must be alive, of course, of they're worthless.

el chupacabra said...

Not that it would be any of my business but I DID instinctively gasp and say to myself, What was she thinking!? when you made that first claim!

Wallaby... lulz