Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday's Dispatch- The Dregs

  • I've slept outside with my son 4 nights recently no tent just a sleeping bag a blanket a 90lb dog a 15 month old boy and me. I have to tell the dog to lay down on the corner of the blanket or he'll sit beside us just watching over us. He sits with his rear end touching my leg and pushes back hard. The touch must comfort him, it seems important to him anyway.
  • Three nights in a row I've heard a cottontail rabbit screaming as something kills it. If you ever hear that sound, you'll never forget it.
  • All four nights coyotes have started howling 50-100 feet away from us, setting all the neighbors dogs off.
  • In the morning after these nights I feel strangely refreshed as well as no surprise-beat.
  • A recipe for you: peanut butter on toasted whole wheat bread with sliced bananas and sugar frosted corn flakes. You'll be surprised.
  • Even strangers say, You need to get an agent for him (my baby), he needs to be acting or modelling! What would they say if he was unusually ugly instead of unusually attractive? I had a friend once whose child when a baby was I guess pretty ugly. I remember her nickname was ALF after the TV show about the alien who crash landed in the Tanner family garage and then lives with them while trying to repair his craft. She's grown now, very smart and strikingly beautiful. She's in college and will make the world a better place when she graduates.
  • The best women to be around according to most guys are those that when young were ugly but, grew into being beautiful. They had to develop personality, a sense of humor and are usually not full of themselves. How does a guy find someone like that? A Craigslist ad?
  • Above from an draft clean up day.


Katy Anders said...

If your blog stops getting updated, I'm going to assume you were eaten by coyotes.

Which be sad, but not as sad as your son who is beautiful. Because somehow, it's more sad when pretty people die. "S/he was so beautiful!"

I've never heard someone say, "Yes, he's dead, and I guess it's sad, but... s/he was so ugly."

They must though, huh?

el chupacabra said...

Ha, yeah. I know. I have mentioned the coyotes before- they're circling. Always circling...

Yep, we continue to objectify and judge- to the very and literal end.

RPM said...

Another .22 ammo tip. Academy has Winchester Super X .22 Long Rifle Ammo (500 ct) in a wooden box for $29.99 (Limit 2 while supplies last). Jump on that one before 11/29!

el chupacabra said...

Hey R- Weird you mentioned that- I had planned on going there TODAY during lunch to get some other things for camping.