Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursda's Thoughts

  • At least two different times in my life, once as a soldier and another at a civilian job a supervisor had been heard to say in so many words they would fire me if they weren't afraid of what it would do to the morale of those I left behind. There might be some lessons and at least plenty of observations about my personality and character to be made from that thought- not all good and not all bad.
  • For my part, it was basically flattering and if nothing else funny.
    Speak It Advice Mallard
  • When the proverbial Iron Curtain fell we were too busy gloating to step up and help Russia which may have prevented a lot of today's problems faced by her neighbors and ourselves in dealing with the ascendant Russkie Bear.
  • While I was in Iraq none of my ammo magazines or ammunition had my fingerprints  on them. I would not touch them without gloved hands and after maintanence of them would wipe them clean.
  • Sometimes, even if you have done nothing wrong, nor do you intend to do anything wrong, you need the option of plausible deniability.
  • In another life I was big time hunter and lived for duck and dove season. For that reason it seemed odd to people I knew, that I had never killed a deer and have only made two half hearted attempts at hunting them. I have nothing against it- it just never worked out that way.
  • American horror Story is good- really good but it is not like I thought it would be as I thought it was the one where each episode was a stand alone show each written by a different writer. Instead, each season has a story line that develops from beginning to end with the same cast of characters. Maybe I misread or misheard something somewhere. Regardless it is gooood. Jessica Lange literally steals the show in the episodes I have watched.
  • And yeah- she is 65 years old and smokin' hawt.
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Katy Anders said...

I tried watching the first season of American Horror Story on netflix a while back and it was so stupid I could not get through it.

Then a friend mentioned that the other seasons were way better and completely independent of the first, and I'm sort of digging it.

Tattooed seal boy is a great actor and ought to be a star.