Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

There is an organization in our area that traps cats, sterilizes them and after notching their ear's releases them. Whatever happened to the good old days when cat problems were solved with a 5 gallon bucket of water or a shot of Fatal-Plus to the heart?

  • My son is listening to Led Zeppelin- that is wild. The first time I remember listening to Zeppelin I spent the day with a couple of other miscreants cruising in a new 1979 Chevrolet pickup. This was one of the first as I recall, luxury trim trucks that was intended to be as comfortable as a car. My dads last car was a 1969 LTD that I think he paid 300.00 for, so I thought that guys truck was opulent. It was pouring rain so we rode around listening to The Rain Song over and over visiting other guys who were rained out of work.

  • I cannot comprehend people staying in their houses when ordered to evacuate during a disaster. My brother has lived in Houston and areas south of there for years A hurricane or severe tropical storm comes- he boards up the house (with decking stored in the garage year round just for the purpose), takes what he wants and needs, secures the rest and heads north ahead of the weather and crowds. He then stops where it's safe, gets a hotel room and watches the storm on the Weather Channel. When everything is clear they load up and head home.
    Chandor Gardens does peppers along with their flowers for color. That was totally my idea first.

  • Instead of powdered garlic I've started using California granulated It is very good- in fact I couldn't go back to powdered.

  • If you think my dog is sound asleep but, suddenly he snorts out his nose, jumps up real quick and moves across the room and lies back down you better hold your nose- he just farted. He can't help it, he's a typical guy I guess.
  • The above from a very old draft clean up day. I haven't had a dog in years.
    There are many ways to build a campfire- tepee, log cabin, the lean-to... Here I demonstrate the pile all the flammable crud you can find on one side of a log, pour a half a liter of stove fuel on the pile, strike a match and stand back method.

  • Bass Drum of Death, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Ty Segall have been on the playlist a lot lately.
  • Spacemen 3- Forged Prescriptions. I discovered them today (09/08/2014). I dig them the most and hope you do also.
  • Is it "also" as I wrote or too?
    Did I notice before that these steps are millstones? Holy smokes I walked across them a hundred times before that jumped out at me. That is the magic that is Chandor Gardens.

    They even have cool places to take a load off.


Katy Anders said...

My dad listened to the local classic rock station when I was growing up, so that was my exposure to Zeppelin. In fact, that station played them too too much.

The only Zep album I own is "Houses of the Holy," which is kind of strange because I own a ton of albums. I've always liked that one (particularly the song "The Song Remains the Same), but always connected it all too closely with classic rock radio.

el chupacabra said...

Didn't the two modern day poets Bill and Ted say something to the effect, We visited many places that looked like the album cover to the Houses of the Holy?