Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

  • We went to see Young Frankenstein at the WC last night (11/01/2014). Except for some audio issues it was was really good and fairly ambitious. They even recreated the revolving wall bit. My daughter was in awe of the actors and was high fiving them all at the meet and greet and telling them how awesome they were. 
  • They should consider doing it every year around Halloween and Its a Wonderful Life around Christmas.

    From our pumpkin decorating contest at work.

  • It might be easy to forget what a stud James Stewart was especially as he came across so down to earth. He flew B24s on bombing and path finding missions in WWII and stayed current on all USAF bombers into the 1960s including the B52.
  • On a show about Bigfoot on the History Channel just now a so called expert is in an effort to look more credible wearing a suit and tie- a very outdated and cheap suit and tie.
    I would say she was concentrating on everything but driving but she was concentrating on one thing- texting. She actually caught my attention in my side view mirror as she was all over the road as she came up to pass. I was slowing for a red light and  she shot over into my lane and stopped. That is why the car appears so crooked in the frame. There wasn't even enough room for her to straighten the vehicle out to complete the lane change.
  • A recent patient hugged me as she was leaving to move to another state.
  • She came here to be with a guy she went to high school with and with whom she rekindled the old flame on the facebooks. Of course, he was nothing like he said online and it lasted less than 2 months. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that story.
  • Aside from the very occasional perfect nap I never sleep well and feel rested afterward.
    Found at Sunshine Lake


Katy Anders said...

The Whataburger pumpkin is good, and I like the Ebola quarantine, too. You have creative people at your job. Around here, we'd have all traditional faces if we tried that.

Of course, I work with lawyers, while you apparently work with a sitcom writing staff.

el chupacabra said...

Ha, yeah a pretty diverse and well motivated bunch of people. Me bestest nursing buddy carved the one of one punkin eating another.