Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Camping Contemplations

  • We just got in (02/23/2014)  from  the outback at Mineral Wells State Park. My back, knees, neck, well- lets just say if it is on, in or hanging from by body- it hurts.
  • The Coleman dual fuel stove worked like a charm. It is made in the US of A and is 30 dollars cheaper than its closest competitor and Wallyworld has it 20 bucks cheaper than anybody. It will burn unleaded gasoline or Coleman lantern fuel and will make you look cool.
  • We destroyed Cracker Barrel when we got back. The after church peoples looked at us like the cat drug us in there. I had blueberry pancakes with blackberries and whipped cream on top. I don't know what I was thinking.
  • I am seriously rethinking how and what I carry on my treks. There are a things I won't do without like tp, inflatable pillow and harmonica but some stuff has to go and other things need to be replaced with lighter items.
  • That reminds me: camping isn't a contest to see who suffers the most.
  • The further you try to get away  from people in the woods for peace and quiet sometimes you get closer to obnoxiously loud people as they intentionally walked miles to get their obnoxious and loud on and not bother anybody but at the same time if those people realize they're bothering you they will pipe down quickly and be cool as they were polite enough to go all the way out there in the first place. Those are the ironies, quandarys and interpersonal dynamics as I see them in the wild.
  • Wal Mart is carrying an inflatable pad that for the price (19bucks) seems well worth it. It is self inflating but needs a few puffs to be good. It would be really well suited for kids as I can guess it would forgive their weight more predictably than it might an adult but yeah- it did OK last night. It is made by Venture  products.
  • Coyotes came close to the tent, as in reach for pistol and flashlight heart in your throat close. But what a thrill and privilege close it was.
  • There was couple on the trail that each person must have weighed 350 pounds. Good for them. I wish I had a chance to talk to them. They were coming out as we were headed in and looked pretty toasted.
  • If nothing else being in the outdoors makes me appreciate what I have at home. It feels good to turn the AC on, pour a cup of coffee, soak in a hot bath- whatever. It is like beating yourself in the head with a rock: it doesn't make sense while you're doing it but man- it sure feels good when you stop.

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