Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

Out of control nightstand is out of control
  • The Swedes have recently detected a sub in their waters- a sub the Russians have denied ownership of and which they have told the Swedes may be Danish in origin. If I were the Swedes I would have said, No, we already asked them and they also said they were pretty sure it is yours. So if it is cool with you we will  start dropping charges and capture anything that surfaces and then hang up the phone. Within an hour the Swedes would have received a call back and the Russian middleman would have said, The situation is developing but there may be a climate research sub near that area that has lost comms...
  • There is only one way to deal with the Russkies.
  • To presume everybody on the planet's mind works the same way and that we have the same wants and needs is odd and wrong and the trouble we try to avoid by thinking that way will almost always become inevitable.

    35 MM film lying in the dirt being poignant and anachronistic.
  • Yesterday a co worker was concerned about my suffering due to seasonal allergies and gave me an E Mer Gency (or whatever it is called) drink additive. It was nasty- literally foul but  nothing worse happened to me the rest of the day so there is something to be said for that I suppose.
  • I just read (it is 024 on 10/22/2014) some towns in the US are paying 2900 dollars to sterilize wild doe deer. The headline correctly said, The World Is Being Run By Crazy People.
    Green house by the restaurant in Botanic Gardens. It wouldn't bother me a bit to live in there.
  • An old saw that I don't even recall the origins of but I loved as soon as I read it somewhere years ago: A Russian wants to be feared. A Brit wants to be respected. An American wants to be liked. These may not be 100% true in 100% of the cases and the knowledge of this adage may not help these 3 groups understand each other in every case but I think it is probably a good place to start understanding each other. If nothing else, it is a succinct way to remember- we really are different.
    A wall in my brother in laws garage. The wood came from our families old house we call, The Old House.

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Katy Anders said...

The moose and flying squirrel always seemed to be able to keep the Russkies in their place. Maybe we should hire them.