Friday, October 31, 2014

Notes From The Road

My new titanium spork has a bottle opener attached. I don't know when I would use it as such but it made a good tent stake puller

  • Roswell cop cars are ugly.
  • There weren't as many Mexican radio stations out that way as I thought there would be.
  • A lot of the towns had a concert venue and/or performing arts center of some type. We just missed Clint Black and Don Edwards was coming some time after we left.

    Inside Artesia's visitors center. I couldn't get an answer why a safe needed a press attached to it.

  • Academically I knew NM was a big state for agriculture but I had to see it to believe it- cotton and grain fields that went on for mile after mile and stretched to the horizon in every direction.
  • There weren't as many people there as I thought there would be from Texas.
  • We didn't see any javelinas except in a zoo. There were plenty of animals though. I saw one rattlesnake and more lizards than I have seen in my entire life.

  • The little zoo in Roswell is free and well worth it. Prairie dogs burrow right along the walking paths.
  • We didn't make it to Lincoln National Park or the attractions in Lincoln County- there was just too much to see and do. We flat ran out of time.

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RPM said...

You'd be surprised at the diversity in NM. Head to the NW portion of the state and check out the high desert/foothills around Farmington and Shiprock. Beautiful country you will fall in love with.