Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Road Called I Answered My Butt Hurts

Everything in Roswell is all aliens- all the time

Seewhatahmean Vern!?

Good food, good prices and unusual for the town- good service.
  • The last 6 days whether it was a a Hilton owned property, a literal flea bag motel (yes it had fleas) or sleeping on the ground we did it in the Land  Of Enchantment- New Mexico as it were.
  • I never got that though- it isn't new and it isn't Mexico.
  • It is easy to understand why people drop everything and move there after a vacation. It gets in your blood.
  • A typical desert- the mornings and evenings are cool with beautiful sunsets and dawns. Then everything starts trying to kill you. Everything is hot, sharp, poky, bitey and/or poison. They recently had record rains leading to a record hatch of mosquitoes. If I'm lying I'm dying: one landed in a puddle of wet Deep Woods Off on my arm and started drilling for my sweet, sweet life juice.
    Sunset at Lea Lake in Bottomless Lakes State Park
  • An interesting coincidence: we took note of a couple at a convenience store taking a pic of themselves with one of the ubiquitous life size aliens. Later they cornered me to ask me to take a picture of them with one on the strip.
  • As with most touristic places go a block or two off the main strip for your souvenirs. I forget the name but there is a shop across the street and to your right as you face away from the museum. They're nice peeps and open early. They have a few things the other shops don't and good prices.
  • The food was typical tourist trap fare- from great to barely edible and the service across the board was stunningly terrible. 
    Not Roswell food. I think this was La Mesa.
  • At one place the roasted jalapenos were so hot I couldn't finish them and my stomach was aflame for hours. 
  • The Motel 6 on Main had fleas consequently at least temporarily I had fleas. 
  • Cooties.
  • We will have more organized discussions and better pics later. I just wanted to get something out there.


RPM said...

Hopefully you got to enjoy a properly prepared green chile cheeseburger. Done right it's one of the greatest things in life.

el chupacabra said...

Funny you should mention that R- I knew to look for one and I plain forgot. I ate other green chili dishes as I knew it was a thing out that way but alas no GCB.

I'm a loser that way