Thursday, October 30, 2014

Psst, Want Some Ludes?

Yes that says what you think it says and yes it is a real, full 1970s vintage sample bottle of Quaze. When my sister found it in my mom's belongings she gave it to me as I worked in pharmacy. We made some good natured jokes about mom's high strung nature and left it at that. I could have told you I took them home as I wanted to show a pharmacist I worked with (his mom was placed on Valium back in the day for the sin of telling her doc she was a little nervous one day) but had no independent recall of where they were specifically and could not have found them without turning the house upside down if my life depended on it.

Here is were it gets weird.

On vacation I reached into my bag (a CVC bag I used in Iraq) for something and felt a container I did not pack and pulled this little gem out. The thing is- there isn't a chance I put it there- ever. It had to drift into the outside pocket of that bag by accident while in a box of other crap from the detritus of one of my former lives. 

The trouble is: what if an overzealous cop or an airport screener saw it ? 

Bingo! Book him Danno!, they would say as they wet their little britches in excitement. Cah-rap! I would say as I saw my various endorsements and licenses and freedoms fly out the window.

And then- I would become another statistic in the war on drugs.

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