Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Various And Sundry Thoughts With Irrelevant Pics

Roswell alien. They come at night and rummage through our garbage to learn our secrets.
  • In my teens I was invited to hang around to be considered for little brother status in a motorcycle gang club. I went to their family homes and outdoor meetings and rode on the back of a chopper a time or two.
  • That factoid and a quarter will get you well, basically nothing but it still makes me think- all these years later. The first thing I think of is: what were those older people of every stripe thinking when they hung out with me? I mean really- from cops to teachers to yes a full on 1%R who could have been killed if he hadn't the right to wear the patches he wore- what were  they doing hanging out with a 14 year old kid and yes, doing the things we often did? Well, each in their own way were trying to help me find my way.
  • I wish I could thank some of them and let them know I turned out more or less OK but one of them shares a name with a famous person so a web search is pretty useless and I cannot find anything on the other two I think of often. No, Facebook is the Debil and I try to stay away from deviltry.
    FG's Jack Skellington shirt
  • A loosely connected thought to the first bullet point: back in the day bikers almost always rode choppers- not all but a guess I would not bet my life on would be +/- 60%. Today they're much more likely to ride a standard glide of some type.
  • Mrs. Paschall has died. She was a nice lady and always treated us well when we went into the 5 and dime on the square in Decatur. One of our teachers Mr. Tindol bought the store after she and Frank left it. Mr. Tindol accused us of being there to steal stuff shortly after we walked in.  It didn't last long.
  • Another legend Ms Cocanougher died recently. She was very sweet and decent. If you didn't know her name- you know her face if you're a contemporary to me in the Big D. 
  • An old family friend is also gone. We called her Mud. 
    Random guy in restaurant wearing a shirt that struck me as humorously creepier than he intended
  • I also noted too many people around my own age while reading the WCM obits. Some I knew, some I knew of and a couple I figured by their relationship status to the decedent I simply had to know but must have oddly forgotten. 
    Breakfast of champions
  • 3: the number of degrees of separation I have from one of the Ebola nurses (if you need another reason to stay away from me).
  • A natural fact:  sooner rather than later China will be at war.
    Line at the Weatherford America Wal Marts to buy  .22 LR bullets. They were waiting there for an hour plus for the shells to be put out. The sporting goods counter even  put out coffee and doughnuts. When I was a kid everybody had a .22 because it was cheap to shoot and everybody sold  22 cal rounds. You could get them at hardware stores and it wasn't unheard of for a convenience store to sell them. If you went into the right store and your face was known you could get them as a 10-12 year old kid. Now, they are expensive when you can find them at all and everybody lines up like it is free gubmint cheese day. I don't even know you anymore America. 


Katy Anders said...

The theme music for "Sons of Anarchy" started playing in my head when i read this.

el chupacabra said...

Lulz Katy- For me it was Born To Be Wild...



RPM said...

Is that Wallyworld pic recent? I heard of ammo shortages a few years ago but I've never had a problem finding any. Granted I might fire 100 rds a year and buy ammo at Cabela's.

el chupacabra said...

Hey R- Yep. Not even 2 full weeks ago. It sells out as soon as anybody gets any.

With its relatively low cost and abundance of firearms that shoot the round I guess the run has taken on a life of it's own- nobody wants to be the yutz stuck with a half dozen guns they cant't find ammo for while everybody else stocked up and have rounds for the grandchildren they haven't even met to burn.

RPM said...

Here's a pic from an Academy in Austin. Guy that took it says they have it all the time.(Limit two of course. The Magtech .22 LR Standard velocity was 2.99/50 at both.)


Same for me at Cabela's. But I might be hitting them at the right time. It's available online, too. But, I've never bought ammo at WM.

I think this ammo shortage must be a self fulfilling spot crisis. People in certain areas/retailers are hoarding it when stock comes in. Other's aren't. It's a crazy phenomenon.

el chupacabra said...

R- I had only learned by osmosis the run on stocks and hoarding was a thing. I hadn't investigated and only saw this run by accident. I went in for supplies as we were headed West.

Intuitively I know your assessment on the phenomenon is correct.