Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

A variation of Woundman first appeared in print in 1492 to help doctors learn how to treat various wounds.
  • If drinking tea or coffee that has a bag in it, if the bag touches my teeth they will ache for an hour afterwards.
  • The first thing a guy who has just soloed for his private pilot license or the one who bought a motorcycle in the midst his mid life crisis normally does is the last thing he should do- throw a wife, girlfriend, kids or some combination of those things in the aircraft or on the back of the motorcycle.
  • Hilarity does not most often ensue.
    Come on now- that is funny- lighten up.
  • The Director of the Secret Service has resigned as she thought it the, "noble thing to do." The story of that crazy guys intrusion into the Executive Mansion is amazing but nothing like the stories that will come out of the woodwork in 3,2,1...
  • You gotta wonder, if I may be blunt- would she have had that job in the first place if she didn't have a vagina?
  • It is pronounced, vah heena
    Wow- what was Sean Connery thinking?
  • I wouldn't want to see crazy folks who scale the fence be sniped in the head but that would really really be preferred to a random jackwagon being able to make it into the White House like that. We can pledge hundreds of millions of dollars to help a bunch of jihadis take over Syria (after a time of admitting to spending 8 million dollars a day on air strikes) but we can't build a fence high enough, shocky enough or smart enough to keep a guy from scaling it? We can't lock the @#$#% front door!? Holy smokes, what if the guy was carrying 120 pounds of TNT and as a bonus a 20 pound magnesium based firebomb?
  • If one of my bosses is trying to get me to quit it isn't working. If she is trying to make me hate coming to work- she is doing a bang up, first rate job.
  • Yes that is one of those statements you may regret saying. That is why I'm keeping it on the QT- right here between us- you and me my good friend and these four walls. We'll keep it on the down low.
  • Friend came out, "fiend " up there first.
    FG's dumb, ugly cat

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Katy Anders said...

I was going to type "In Sean Connery's defense, that looks like it was filmed during those years where everybody was stoned."

Then I had another look at the picture.

I've been stoned and believe I'd still stay away from cameras in that outfit. Not even Bond can pull that off.