Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's Missives

A political cartoon where I'm sure I know what they're getting at but could never explain why
  • It wouldn't be worth it to do what I do were it not for a few select people I work with. They and the good we do makes it all worthwhile.
  • Some of my patients can be frustrating and a person may be excused to think more trouble than they're worth but they're also outcast and vulnerable.
  • They're also human beings.
  • Over the weekend (today is 07/28/2014) it was so hot and so humid within 2 hours at the park I was dizzy and had a headache.
  • If you feel thirsty that is a sign you're behind in your water intake. A headache and dizziness are signs you need to cool off quick and down the fluids. Beware if you feel the need to defecate and your arms and legs are numb or actually feel detached- you're about to be in trouble.
    Yes, that is a toad in the seat of my truck Why you ask? Well he hopped out in front of me and after I avoided him FG said, Oh no- did we hit him?  One thing led to another and I went back and got him and took him somewhere safe.
  • I had about the best steak and shrimp ever at Logan's last night.
  • The server got around what is probably a, " Absolutely no pitchers at the table! " rule by bringing us a large glass of plain water to top off with- nothing wrong with that but it was the first time it ever happened to me.
  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Z28 Camaro. Dodge Charger, GT Mustang and Stingray Corvette- my answer for the question I posed to myself on my way to work as a thought exercise: If cost were no object and you could buy 5 cars and no others for a year- what would you buy? It is interesting they're all American but after the year I would buy a E class Benz. It is a cool thought to me that the truck I drive daily is as good as I could ever want a truck to be without being the amazing off roader or hot rod so I would absolutely keep it.
  • In the days of my youth I drove a car halfway across the country that you couldn't have unloaded for 500 bucks. Most people would have rather walked as they would assume that is what they would be doing anyway if they drove it so they might as well keep their money in their pocket. 
    Another one- I get it- but don't

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