Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

In the entrance to Rodeo Goat

  • Recently the director of an organization we work with came to learn more about how we operated so we could coordinate services better. She reeked of dirty feet. I mean- there was a heat associated with it and it would put a taste in your mouth.
  • We went to Cracker Barrel yesterday (09/06/2014). It cost 50 bucks for 4 of us to get out of there. I would rather have a peanut butter sandwich, banana and  glass of milk for breakfast about 4 times and then use the 200 bucks for a road trip or buy some new gear.
  • My next 3 in 1 coat has Thermoball in the nomenclature. Eeew, that sounds nasty but it looks awesome.
    God's eye phenomenon. FG says she thinks about Heaven every time she sees one.

  • There is a chill in the air in the morning and evenings and that is alright in my book.
  • I deferred a camping trip yesterday due to storms in the area. It wasn't all that bad overnight- I wish we had gone. The kids were basically begging to go. I'm lucky that way.
  • Your unsolicited outdoor parent advice for the day: Make it all about them and you will have a better time yourself. Be patient.  Let them swim and play with fire- whatever and they will be begging you to go instead of you dragging them out of the house.
  • My eldest son is jacked and has cool tattoos on his arms. He is like a more muscular, smarter, cooler, better looking and more tattooed version of me. I hope he realizes what a gift this American life is.
    Found during my RV search. Why?

    Search continues. Whattha?! 

    Another day another search for the deal. Reaaaack.
  • The Alpine speakers have gotten better sounding over time. I have heard or read somewhere there is a break-in period for higher quality speakers but didn't believe it. I could be convinced it is my imagination but I'm nearly sure they sound richer with less distortion than when I installed them.

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RPM said...

Got RV fever, huh? The last two I found on Craigslist, surprisingly close to home. However there were several wild goose chases before I found them.