Friday, October 17, 2014

Images From The Road

Things are not working out in the Land Of Enchantment for this person as they had hoped

Same with this poor soul.

Mosquitoes are the devil

View from the tent

Lea Lake

The owners were a couple from Holland

Another example of the simple things that were familiar but different. The grill height is adjusted by friction on the bar at back instead of  notches like grills you would see at any park in Texas.

Big man little bicycle

Yes, that is a picture of a couple's two Newfoundland hounds on the spare tire cover. The pooches names were Burke and Rayne.

The water in Lea Lake is impossibly clear. The fish nibbling my toes are at least 18 inches underwater.

All aliens all the time

In front of an Army-Navy store in Roswell

What a bargain


RPM said...

M3 very cool.

el chupacabra said...

Hey R- interesting thing about that vehicle- the top is welded shut to keep miscreants out.

I was going crazy wanting to know what it was like in there. I mean is it stripped out or ready to rock and roll?